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September 7, 2011

Readers' memories: Sept. 11, 2001


There were reports that two of the flights had originated in Boston. There were reports that several other planes may be involved. My chest began to feel a suffocating weight.

It had just dawned on me that my parents were flying out of Boston that morning on an American Airlines flight to Fort Lauderdale. They were on their way to help settle my grandmother's estate. She had passed away just one week before. The funeral was in New Jersey and I remember noticing the magnificent Twin Towers buildings as we flew over them before landing at LaGuardia. I remember saying to my son, "The two towers are uneven. One is higher than the other!" This would be the last time I would ever see those towers.

It took me three hours to finally locate my parents, who had landed safely in Florida. They were oblivious to what was unfolding in the nation until they learned of the tragedy on an airport restaurant's TV as they departed the plane. They were unable to return to Massachusetts until almost two weeks later when the airlines began to fly again.

We were one of the lucky families, as so many others flying out that day were not. My grandmother's favorite saying was, "You put your problems in a pot with everyone else's and you will always take out your own." I think she was watching over my parents that day.

Susan Frankfort


I was driving from Beverly to work in Bedford. I had to go to Midas on Middlesex Turnpike and was told it would be a longer wait because one guy did not come to work because his girlfriend was on the plane.

Also found out that our vice president of marketing was supposed to be on the flight from Boston but missed his flight. He is now alive and CEO of a local Boston company.

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