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September 7, 2011

Readers' memories: Sept. 11, 2001


We were able to return to the parks as normal the next day and Disney permitted us to stay an extra night free of charge because planes were still not allowed to fly. The passengers were on edge while returning home on one of the first flights after the attacks. Everyone had a close eye on anyone who would get up from their seat. At one point, the pilot came on the intercom stating that if we look out the left side of the aircraft we could see the World Trade Center site. I was confused because the sky was well overcast below us. Once I looked out I understood. Out from the clouds came a column of smoke rising far into the sky, then taking a 90-degree turn over the ocean in the winds of the upper atmosphere.

John Lockerbie


I was at Logan Airport collecting documents for an import coming in. I was taken aback by how much traffic there was. Normally, at that time in the morning, the airport is relatively quiet.

Then, I heard on WBZ that an airplane hit one of the towers. I knew instantly something was wrong. Being in the airfreight business for almost 30 years, you never hear of planes hitting buildings, especially commercial planes.

A sad, sad day for me. I will never, ever forget. My heart goes out to all the victims' families.

Jody Sharkey


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