, Salem, MA


September 8, 2011


After I was laid off from my job, I started mall walking at the Northshore Mall in Peabody. As I was leaving the mall I put the radio on in my car on the way to pick up my mother to take her out shopping. That is when I heard that the first tower was hit. After I arrived at my mother's, I saw the second tower fall on TV. My mother and I did not leave to go shopping because I had to stay and watch more about that day which was very upsetting. I will never forget it.

Donna Kelley


• • •

It started as a regular workday. I was at the GE plant in Lynn and had walked across Western Avenue to the company credit union. As I crossed the street to return, just after 8:30 a.m., I remember noticing what a particularly beautiful day it was. The sunshine and clear blue sky made it a picture-perfect day. Upon returning to my office area, there was confusion and chaos. People were gathering in a conference room, and the TV was on. We were all trying to understand what was happening and watched in shock and horror as it all unfolded. At first, it looked like an accident, with a plane crashing into one of New York City's Twin Towers. The second plane hit, and we later saw both towers crumble down in front of our eyes. We all just sat in disbelief and speculated. The reporters gave details of other planes going down in Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania, and all other flights were grounded.

We also learned there was a chance that a fellow Lynn GE worker, Janis Lasden, may have been on one of the flights and later learned that it was true. She was heading to Palm Springs, Calif., with her boyfriend, Don DiTullio, for a vacation. We found out she had asked another GE co-worker to deliver a patchwork quilt that she had made to the Topsfield Fair, since she would be away and would not be able to deliver it herself.

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