, Salem, MA


September 8, 2011



After that day, the gate that I used to get to the credit union was closed and has never reopened to vehicular traffic. Personally, I remember feeling literally sick to my stomach for a few weeks after the attack. How our lives changed forever on that beautiful, sunny, late summer morning in 2001.

Jean Soboczinski


• • •

My wife and I were on vacation at a resort on Long Island Sound. Very nice weather. Right on the water. Having a good time. It was about our fourth day when the attacks happened. Someone came out to the pool and told us a plane had hit the tower. We went to our room and watched the news.

We could not believe it. And, we were fairly close to New York City. Our hearts sank. We were so distraught and upset. There was no way we could continue the vacation stay to enjoy. There would be no enjoyment!

We had to pack and go home. Our hearts simply could not allow us to enjoy when so many lives and families were affected.

Jeff Gordon


• • •

This story has become our generation's Pearl Harbor; a day that will live in infamy. I still remember every minute of that day even though 10 years have passed. I had just dropped my daughter off at daycare and tuned the radio to the news. The first plane had just hit and there was very little information. I stopped back at my home and turned on the television. As the newscasters were trying to sort out just what had happened, the second plane hit. I can still see it in my mind's eye. Somewhat shocked, I headed into work at Beverly Hospital. The secretaries had a music station on and were not aware of the news. They tuned in while I went in with my first patient. When I emerged, the plane had hit the Pentagon. We spent the next hour crowded around a small, snowy TV in the conference room watching the story unfold.

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