, Salem, MA


September 8, 2011



Allen Morris


• • •

I hadn't heard the news and was rushing to meet another mom for a play date with our 2-year-olds on Nahant Beach. So, I heard the news from another lady who had a radio while on the beach.

Being nine months pregnant, I had weird cravings and was gnawing on a raw potato. At first I thought it was all a spoof like H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds." But the planes were not flying, the beach was semi-closed and the large oil tanks in view started to seem too close...

Susan Burnett-Halling


• • •

In September, 2001, my husband Jack and I and 22 other American artists were visiting Berwick-Upon-Tweed, England, enjoying a painter's "work-holiday."

On Sept. 11, we all headed out to create our masterpieces, be it in oils or watercolors. After lunch we traveled to a tidal island, Lindisfarne, not far from Berwick, which is accessible by road only at low tide, where our group enjoyed painting the Old Priory and many ancient buildings on what had once been known as The Holy Island.

When we returned ashore, we were greeted by other tourists saying "Did you know that an airplane has crashed into a New York building?" Then someone else told us a plane had crashed into the Pentagon. My first thought was that all this chatter was how bad rumors get started.

When we returned to our hotel, we got the story on CNN, and we were all shocked. They reported that all airports in the United States were closed. We had been in England only three days, but how would we get home? We were prepared to stay only two weeks. The TV kept telling us how much money was being lost by keeping the airports closed, and I felt that they would soon be opened.

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