, Salem, MA

May 14, 2014

North Shore real estate transactions

The Salem News

---- — Sales information, compiled from Registry of Deeds, is provided under copyright by Banker and Tradesman, Boston.


27 Bridge St.: Joseph Mcmannus and Angela E. Mcmannus from Leslie E. Whitaker on April 4 for $275,000.

97 Baker Ave.: Kathryn M. Baker and Kevin P. Baker from Stephen Mcmahon and Dawn E. Mcmahon on March 31 for $410,000.

14 Greenwood Ave.: James Benenson from Greenwood Murray RT and Mary L. Murray on April 4 for $1,225,000.

107 Grover St.: Emily Morley and Timothy J. Morley from Donna Blume and Joyce Prior on March 31 for $498,000.

8 Windham Lane: Elvasio Digenova and Giuliana Digenova from Ruth A. Giering on April 1 for $735,000.

12 Lothrop St. #2: Joyce M. Kaplan from 12 Lothrop Street LLC on April 1 for $405,000.


5 Holmes Road: George H. Holsten and Libby H. Holsten from Kathleen Rabe on March 31 for $775,000.

16 Sagamore Lane: Jeffrey J. Forward and Victoria A. Forward from Sagamore RT and John C. Sanidas on March 31 for $1,462,150.


148 Maple St.: 146 12 Maple Street RT and William E. Lee from 148 Maple LLC on March 31 for $280,000.

3 Burley St.: Stephen W. Perry and Shannon M. Perry from Mark E. Thomas and Katie E. Thomas on March 31 for $375,000.

4 Lebel Road: Andres Castano and Andrea Castano from Mike Duni and Jonida Duni on March 31 for $567,500.

150 Andover St. #11A: BB&R RT and Richard Cella from S&N Ds Realty LLC on April 1 for $505,000.


74 Meyer Road: Lindsay Seward and Jennifer Brodie from Timothy Ford on April 1 for $1,100,000.

24 Rockmaple Ave.: Richard J. Guenther and Cori E. Guenther from Daniel S. Heffernan on March 31 for $855,000.

46 Lincoln Ave.: Hallie Allison from Barry C. Gove and Kristen I. Gove on March 31 for $483,500.

100 Essex St.: Jacob R. Tabor and Kelly Tabor from 100 Essex Street RT and Ramay M. Moore on March 31 for $478,800.

651 Bay Road #2: Coastal Associates LLC from Aquila Farm RT and E.J. Kroesser on April 2 for $275,000.


6 Herrick Drive: Christina Nay and Laura Wilson from Stephen P. Ventola and Joanne O. Ventola on March 31 for $435,000.

8 Woods Lane: Donald Lowe and Amy M. Lowe from Little Bull LLC on March 31 for $455,000.


50 Prospect St.: Liddell Pan and Susan M. Pan from Jane Muller and Kristin Callahan on April 4 for $466,000.

145 Elm St.: Sean Kane and Arzceli Kane from Desiree Destefano RET and Desiree Destefano on April 1 for $875,000.

17 Overlook Road: John A. Jermyn from Ralph N. Camerlengo on March 31 for $329,900.


23 Ogden Lane: Steven R. Kalman and Samantha J. Kalman from Sandra Florence on April 4 for $915,000.

19 Ogden Lane: Kevin F. Callahan and Kristie S. Callahan from Jill Hetrick-Evans and John W. Evans on March 31 for $759,000.

26 Peaslee Circle: Alyce P. Forlani and Oscar Forlani from Riverview Park LLC on April 4 for $539,000.


3 Hamilton Road: Joseph Halfelder and Deborah Halfelder from Mark P. Higgins and Michelle M. Higgins on March 31 for $416,000.

27 Wahtera Road: Jack K. Stewart and Marivania G. Stewart from Dorothy E. Montion on April 3 for $318,000.

801 Jubilee Drive: HLF Peabody LLC from NDNE Industrial Props LLC on March 31 for $8,650,000.

120 Foster St.: 120 Foster Street LLC from Chabar RT and Charles A. Mullo on April 2 for $600,000.

111 Foster St. #407: Brookline Bank from Olga Kaminsky on April 1 for $157,290.

111 Foster St. #513: Jonathan Vazquez from Syed Bukhari on March 31 for $118,000.

24 Evergreen Way #24: Besnik Bajrami from Evergreen Way NT and Edith Odonnell on April 4 for $275,000.

21 Redberry Lane #21: Keith A. Santos and Caryn M. Santos from Jeffrey Addorisio and Hope Addorisio on March 31 for $205,300.

4 Murphy Road: John D. Engle and Tuyet H. Nguyen from Heritage Pines LLC on April 1 for $436,000.


9 Goodell St.: Stephen Anderson and Kristen Anderson from Michael A. Chambers on March 31 for $317,500.

8 Cedarcrest Road: Nadir Bendjenni and Emily Munca from Virginia C. Moore on April 2 for $340,000.

3 Spruance Way #30D: Kristina M. Gross and Diane M. Babbitt from Mark Martineau and Jessica Martineau on April 3 for $232,500.

145 Federal St. #3: Patrick L. Ryan from Amy C. Moran and Donald H. Lowe on March 31 for $313,500.

73 Hathorne St.: Michael J. Buonfiglio from John H. Spange and Mary J. Spange on March 31 for $320,000.

15 Leach St.: 15 Leach Street LLC from Harbor Residence LLC on April 3 for $851,500.

18 Ocean Terrace: Ryan Guilmartin from Guts Realty LLC on April 1 for $415,000.

11 Church St. #217: Anna Gitelman and Michael Gitelman from FNMA on April 1 for $194,000.

18 Thorndike St.: Megan O. Williams from Flaminio Lanzillo on April 1 for $375,000.

348 Essex St. #1: Xochitl Morgan from Beverly Neyman T H Est and Douglas E. Neyman on March 31 for $269,000.

348 Essex St. #2: Christopher D. Moore and Andrea Bennett from Jon T. Skerry and Rebecca S. Skerry on March 31 for $401,000.

29 Andrew St. #1: Mary Rand from Adam Barker and Kellie Barker on March 31 for $255,000.

198 Lafayette St. #3: Luke Botelho and Kimberly Botelho from FHLM on March 31 for $200,000.

14 Greenlawn Ave.: Joseph J. Gaudet and Anna B. Gaudet from Joseph&Avery RT and Roger C. Barile on April 1 for $480,000.


1 Bellevue Road: Ralph N. Camerlengo from Mogel Ernest H Est and Laurie L. Levine on March 31 for $440,000.

7 Thorndike Terrace #2: Patrick F. Mccafferty from Ashley D. Crooker on March 31 for $305,000.


24 Fairway Drive #24: John Rauseo and Lori Rauseo from New Meadows Dev LLC on April 1 for $589,800.

1 Fairway Drive: David E. Anderson and Sharon M. Anderson from New Meadows Dev LLC on April 3 for $577,100.