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Congress 2012

August 17, 2012

Tierney and Tisei spar on Medicare


Tisei said he is after a more long-term solution to make the program fiscally stable.

“I would not vote for a Band-Aid, but something that fixes the system for the next generation,” he said. “John Tierney wants to kick the can down the road instead of being honest with people and addressing the problem.”

The race between Tierney, an eight-term incumbent, and Tisei, a former state senator from Wakefield, has been the nastiest and closest Congressional race in the state.

If the election is about ideology, Tierney said he will win.

“We want to deal with everyone in a fair way — no special tax breaks for people who earn a lot,” said Tierney, adding that the government would save $1 trillion over the next decade if the rich “paid the same tax rate they paid under (President) Clinton.”

Tisei disagrees. Tax-and-spend does not work, he said, and voters will agree.

“The country is about to go bankrupt. Forty cents of every dollar we spend we have to borrow just to cover our operating expenses,” Tisei said. “John Tierney’s philosophy is spend more money and tax more, and it is leading our country off a cliff.”



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Congress 2012

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