, Salem, MA


October 29, 2010

Tierney, Hudak tangle in last debate


"My financial statements are in perfect order," he said last night.

Calling it "inappropriate behavior," Tierney again questioned Hudak's "maturity and judgment" for displaying a yard sign in 2008 that showed then-candidate Barack Obama made to look like terrorist Osama bin Laden.

"It's been the only issue in the whole campaign that the congressman wants to talk about," Hudak said.

If elected, Hudak said he wouldn't be a partisan. "The reason this country is stalled out now is because this Congress and people like John Tierney are so anti-working together to solve the problems," Hudak said.

Tierney said government can be the solution to the country's woes.

"I say what we should do with government is make sure it stands up for us, fights for the middle class, fights for our rights and does the job that we should expect it to do," Tierney said.

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