, Salem, MA

October 4, 2012

Locals offer opinions on first presidential debate

By Neil H. Dempsey Staff Writer
The Salem News

---- — Editor’s note: Richard Tisei, Republican candidate for the 6th Congressional District, could not be reached for comment as of press time.

Timothy Sherratt

Political science professor, Gordon College

Who won? Romney.

Why? He’s finally on the level playing field with the president. Also, I think this part of the race has drifted more towards stories that have been negative for Romney, you know, criticisms that the campaign has had a lot of missteps....he didn’t make missteps tonight. He was clear. He seemed very ready to debate.

Favorite moment? The fact that (Romney) got to talk in the opening about jobs gave him the opportunity right away to list problems that the administration had over four years. And then they closed by talking about the role of government, and I think Romney’s very comfortable talking about that. I think Obama had a harder time making the argument that the federal government is an engine of change.

Rob Brown

Communications professor, Salem State University

Who won? Romney.

Why? I think he had more energy, I think he really looked like he wanted to be there, and I think the president looked like he didn’t want to attack, and I think he got beaten in this debate.

Favorite moment? I think what really helped [Romney] was at the beginning, he began telling stories, he personalized the issues....Obama didn’t do that until he talked about his grandmother.

John Tierney

Democrat Congressman, 6th Congressional District

Who won? Neither.

Why? I think both were very good at what they did. They both made the points they wanted to make.

Favorite moment? The president pointed out very clearly how Mitt Romney was talking about repealing a number of things but wouldn’t talk about how he would replace them or what he would replace them with.