, Salem, MA

Election 2012

November 2, 2012

Letter: Vote no on Question 4


Another example of our legislators’ flawed methodology would be the Quinn Bill. Noble by design, the Quinn Bill was instituted to help bring Massachusetts law enforcement to a higher level of skill and competence. Upon successful completion of certain (debatable) law enforcement studies, an officer would be given a stipend added to his wages each year of employment and coupled to his retirement. The cost for this Quinn Bill approaches a $1 billion expense. This past year, the Legislature quietly rescinded the law, forcing all cities and towns to finance the plan on our own. Vote NO on Question 4.

The plans to spend the income from CPA are also noble by design. Allow me to suggest the individuals who stand to benefit most if CPA is passed reside in the highest-priced real estate of our fair city. The high-dollar homes situated in the historical neighborhoods of our city and the ones who most likely can afford the paltry $2.50 per month presumably might seek financial relief from the restrictions placed on these properties by our own Salem Historical Commission. This comment is based on personal analysis of the signatures and addresses on the CPA petitions. There seemed to be an overwhelming positive response to CPA from the residents of our historical neighborhoods. Excepting the signatures from The Point section of Salem, the remaining signatures appeared to be geographically random. VOTE NO ON QUESTION 4.

Edward G. Plecinoga


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