, Salem, MA

October 29, 2012

Our view: Lovely for state Senate

The Salem News

---- — We endorsed Salem City Council President Joan Lovely in this summer’s Democratic 2nd Essex District state Senate primary as the clear choice in an exceptionally strong field of candidates. We repeat that endorsement here.

On Nov. 6, Lovely will be “opposed” by Republican Richard Jolitz, a Beverly EMT who appears to have abandoned his campaign. While he collected enough signatures to get on the ballot, he has raised no money, held no campaign events, skipped debates and made no policy statements. If the state Republican Party is serious about acting as a check on Democratic power, it will have to do a much better job of fielding legitimate candidates in legislative races.

That said, any Republican would have had a hard time matching Lovely’s blend of energy, experience and attentiveness.

As a 14-year city councilor, Lovely has built a well-deserved reputation as a consensus builder who is nonetheless unafraid to make tough decisions.

While Lovely has had a restful fall, she will likely have a busy winter. Much will be expected of the successor of retiring Majority Leader Fred Berry in terms of getting things done, representing the entire district and setting a high standard for honest public service.

We’re confident she’s up to the task.