, Salem, MA

November 2, 2012

Letter: Brown the exception in D.C.

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I am in my 60s and have never become active in politics before. As I pondered the upcoming election and looked back on the previous three-plus years, it became obvious that we are going in the wrong direction. The majority of our elected officials seem more into themselves and their party than their constituents. The only exception seems to be our senator, Scott Brown. He has proven to be a person just like us.

Often at odds with his own party, he takes input from us and votes his mind. I have contacted his office three times and always received a phone call to explain why the senator agreed or disagreed with my concern. I am sure his opponent will vote the party line all of the time, keeping the same agenda that has financially crippled us for four years.

Brown’s jobs plan is focused on private sector growth and local solutions, which is a much better plan for Massachusetts than his opponent. Repealing the excise tax on medical device manufacturing (a big Bay State business), giving women entrepreneurs and small-business owners more opportunities to compete for large government contracts, and providing paid job training to unemployed workers are highlights of his plan. Small businesses and the private sector will lead in the recovery.

U.S. senators need experience in all areas, which his opponent lacks. As in the past, no matter what the subject, he will find common ground no matter who is president. I feel Scott’s 30-plus-year military background, career experiences and proven track record in Washington clearly qualify him as our best choice.

Dan Bowman