, Salem, MA

October 4, 2012

Letter: Glad Bennett is a candidate

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I am pleased to hear that Dan Bennett is running again this year vs. Ted Speliotis. Last time out the margin was just some 400 or so votes, that Dan lost, so get out and vote! Dan has a keen understanding and knowledge of the local issues that we are currently facing in our communities of Danvers, West Peabody, and Middleton.

Dan has been instrumental in developing the new Essex Aggie and Voke project in his capacity while serving on merger committees.

Dan has worked in private industry and understands the challenges that a small business owner has in meeting budgets, adding personnel, and making difficult but honest decisions.

Dan brings a sense of change that is needed in our state to enhance an independent voice, who is not just a party loyal, a person who is just committed to the issues of the people he represents.

Simply voting a ‘D’ today is not the party that your parents or grandparents once supported. We have recently seen the failures of both parties voting in favor of their party first, instead of the people whom they represent first. Dan is the right person to make a difficult decision. He will work with others, not just for party politics. Dan will have the opportunity to bring changes, even if this may mean his own political party may tar him for it.

Let’s give Dan a chance. He is not your career politician. He is our only chance to present an independent vote for the people, not just for the party again and again and again and again.

This is a two-year term, voters can make a difference this term.

If you are happy with a career politician, then continue to give a career politician another two years.

If you want to give a new person a chance then vote for Dan.

Go Dan, give us your best in the next two years!

David Patnaude