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October 19, 2012

Letter: CPA has been countywide success

To the editor:

Harborlight Community Partners supports the CPA question on the ballot next month. Personally, I support it, too, and hope you will, as well.

First and foremost, we urge you to vote Yes for CPA Question 4 on Nov. 6 for three main reasons: We love Beverly, we love keeping projects local, and we love to see the underdog win. CPA provides resources for projects that benefit our community that otherwise could not happen. In addition, CPA funding gives us leverage to bring in additional funding toward our community priorities. When a community can invest CPA funds in a project, other private, state and federal funders come to the table more willingly, and great things happen.

Here are some examples from surrounding communities:

Gloucester City Hall, a beautiful, historic landmark is undergoing major and much-needed rehabilitation. GLOUCESTER CPA DID THAT.

In Peabody yesterday, I took my 4- and 6-year-old daughters on a great new bike path. As we pedaled along, a large sign informed us proudly that PEABODY CPA DID THAT.

In Rockport, Harborlight Community Partners is just completing the Pigeon Cove Ledges preservation and rehabilitation project. CPA funding was used to save the homes of 30 low-income Rockport seniors from becoming market-rate housing. CPA funding was used to repair rotten siding and walls that were leaking rain into these homes. CPA funding was also applied to upgrade safety and handicapped access for these residents by funding a sprinkler system, a new fire alarm, a backup power generator and a power-operated handicapped access door among other things. ROCKPORT CPA DID ALL THAT.

So what does CPA mean to us in Beverly?

CPA in Beverly will foster the protection of our land for recreation and the protection of natural resources. We can save open space, make trails for walking and biking, or create parks, as some examples.

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