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October 19, 2012

Letter: A clear deception by Warren

To the editor:

Elizabeth Warren keeps repeating her prime theme of taxing the rich, giving the impression that it would significantly reduce the debt. During the Oct. 10 Senate debate, she asserted twice that the AARP agreed with her.

However, here’s what the editor actually did say in AARP’s October Bulletin, which is consistent with Sen. Scott Brown:

“As a nation, we continue to spend $4 for every $3 we receive in taxes, by any measure an unsustainable path. If you want to cut taxes, what loopholes do you close to make up for the lost revenue? In the face of a $1.1 trillion deficit, ending a tax cut for the wealthy does little to close the gap. How much longer do we propose dealing with the challenges facing Medicare and Social Security?”

The AARP editor continues:

“The candidates should be debating the proper size and role of government. Instead, we are buried in name-calling and diversions. We need a sober and realistic debate, based on facts, perspective and relevance.”

I recommend reading the full, excellent article.

It is easy to understand the mind-set and purpose of professor Warren declaring herself an American Indian to seek advantage being considered a “minority” under affirmative action, thus denying equality for all others. Here is a clear deception of diversity that is being heard by the U.S. Supreme Court right now.

Raymond H. Bates Sr.


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