, Salem, MA

April 2, 2008

2008 Salem News Student-Athlete Bios

By Matt Jenkins

JULIA CROYLE, Hamilton-Wenham

Julia Croyle really enjoys a challenge. That's why when she was asked to fill in for the injured catcher on the varsity softball team as a freshman, she performed so well that she won the starting job. It's also the reason why she went from a first-year field hockey player as a junior to a league all-star as a senior. The same attitude translates to the classroom, where Julia attacks a difficult course load with the same enthusiasm and vigor she exudes in her athletic endeavors.

"She proved to me on a daily basis she was not only a great athlete, but had an astonishing personality," Hamilton-Wenham field hockey coach Jennifer Reagan said. "She was always motivating younger players to strive towards their goals, and her laughter was contagious with our team. She truly led our team through her example: working hard when expected and exhibited to other players how hard you truly need to work in order to improve."

For the past two summers, Croyle has served as a camp counselor at the Pleasant Valley Camp.