, Salem, MA

October 16, 2012

For local leaders, the ‘power of pink’ prevails

Karen Andreas

---- — Pink ribbons. Pink T-shirts. Pink sneakers,

shoelaces, hats, scarves, ties. Even pink wristbands, pink football socks and pink soccer mouth guards.

A bit overboard?

No way.

In October, the ‘power of pink’ prevails.

The more pink, the better.


And your community leaders agree.

The North Shore has come together this month, October 2012, to spread the ‘power of pink’ and support Breast Cancer Awareness.

Lawyers. Mayors. Bankers. Realtors. They did not hesitate when asked to support this important community campaign.


“I am deeply committed to the cause,” said Beverly Shafer, a top plastic surgeon who devotes countless hours healing and supporting breast cancer patients.


“Thank you for including us,” said Marcia MacClary of Footprint Power, the company that now owns the Salem Power Plant.


District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett is a proud sponsor of this breast cancer

initiative. So are Coldwell Banker, North Shore Community College and the YMCA of the North Shore.

“All of us have lost friends and family

to this devastating disease,” said sponsor Betsy Merry of Merry Fox Realty in Salem.

Merry and partner Dan Fox wanted to specifically pay tribute to Kelly Wyke, a mother, wife and friend.


“She received the shocking news on her 35th birthday that she had terminal

breast cancer,” Merry explained. “Her beautiful spirit lives on in her amazing three daughters who were all under 8 years old when she passed away.”

The facts are startling: Every two minutes, there is a new breast cancer diagnosis. Every 14 minutes, a life is lost to the disease. More than 40,000 people will die this year alone, and 400 will be men.

“We’re all touched by breast cancer in some way,” said Gayla Bartlett of Cranney Companies. “Friends, co-workers, mothers, sisters. This awareness

campaign is hugely important, and we’re pleased to be a part of it.”

Forty-one sponsors have come together, in partnership with The Salem News, to bring you this special news section devoted to breast cancer awareness. Along with this section, you’ll see their awareness messages in advertisements all month long in the daily pages of The Salem News and online on


I am very grateful to each of the 41 partners, whose logos fill the pages to the left. Please take a moment to drop a note or make a quick call to thank them for their generosity and commitment

to community.

A special thank you goes to our three “Pink Ribbon” sponsors: North Shore Medical Center, North Shore Music Theatre, and The Butchery of Danvers. These three businesses were especially generous to this campaign. Thank you Bob Norton, Bill Hanney and Glen St. Cyr.


When you see ‘pink’ this month, I hope you are reminded of the importance

of early detection, which is so important in battling this disease. Take this pledge to be a survivor:


Copies of this Breast Cancer Awareness section are available in the front lobby at The Salem News. Please stop by our office on Dunham Road in Beverly if you’d like a few extras to pass along to all those you love. And please, don’t forget to thank the sponsors, whose generosity has made this effort possible.


Karen Andreas is publisher of The Salem News. Contact her at