, Salem, MA

November 1, 2010

NOrth Shore real estate transactions

The following real estate transactions recently took place:


32 Kingdom Terrace: Mona K. Kilimonis to Joaquim M. Esteves and Wendy H. Esteves, $289,000.

252 Lynnfield St.: Richard Gatti and Patti-ann Gatti to Alfred Aetkoulov and Angela Susoyev, $260,000.

24 Oak Leaf Way, #24: Ronald A. Margeson and Janine Margeson to Joseph F. Kiley and Jillian G. Mcnamara, $246,000.

12 Rainbow Circle: Susan A. Demers and Susan A. Postlethwait to James A. Doherty and Jennifer Doherty, $278,000.

36 Redberry Lane, #36: Emilio Dambrosio and Paula Dambrosio to Anurag Jain and Seema Grover, $401,000.

12 Sparrow Lane Ext: Paul B. Slavin and Linda M. Slavin to Arthur Berardino, $432,000.

25 Winter St.: Rafael Gomes Pereira and Wells Fargo Bk to Wachovia Mortgage Corp, $314,778.

9 Winthrop St.: Liane M. Woods to Robert M. Recupero and Mario A. Recupero, $265,000.

17 Aborn St.: Frances A. Crowley and Frances Alice Blasdale to Nadine Hyacinthe and Myrlene Hyacinthe, $255,000.

3 Bailey Terrace: Alfredo R. Lopez and Carol Lopez to Michael Actor and Roberta Constantine, $541,000.

13 Bourbon St., #58: Daniel Bettencourt and Donna Bettencourt to Anthony Lombardi, $200,000.

17 Bourbon St., #73: Martin Greene and Dorothy Greene to Michael Greene, $156,245.

2 Buttonwood Lane, #2: Paula J. Sable to Michael P. Salerno and Stephanie Clifford, $200,000.

50 Catherine Drive: Steven M. Corbett to Deborah G. Conlon and Donna M. Rossetti, $305,000.

12 Cedar Grove Ave.: 12 Cedar Grove Ave Peab and Ann F. Flynn to Matthew L. Ventre and Juliann Ventre, $365,000.

13 Center St.: Figueira Adelaide S Est and Alice L. Figueira to Alice L. Figueira, $154,344.

10 County St.: Harold P. Trefethen and Barbara A. Trefethen to FNMA, $318,669.

1 Cross St.: 1 Cross Street RT and Basil J. Coughlan to 1 Cross St Route 114 RT and Brian Kelly, $5,400,000.

6 Dana Road: Francis X. Dewan and Jean M. Dewan to Stanley J. Wojcik and Diane M. Wojcik, $339,900.

27 Diane Road: Jeannette M. Vietri to Louis P. Sotis and Poppy Sotis, $365,000.

76 Fairview Ave.: Claire A. Oshea to James M. Silva, $229,900.

24 Harrison Ave.: Phillip M. Gannon and Regina H. Gannon to Mitchell J. Doucet and Lucy Doucet, $328,700.

50 Highland St.: Denise B. Felizardo and Denise B. Ortins to Dean Larrabee and Kathy Larrabee, $415,000.

8 Jeffrey St.: Stacey E. Lubets to Anthony Yunta and Christine Patuleia, $324,000.

24 Jennings Circle: Janice Girolamo to Venuti RT and Vito J. Venuti, $685,000.

2 Krochmal Road: Toni Marie Sher to Richard A. Skop and Emily C. Buckley, $270,000.

8 Lincoln Road: Harold Cortes and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Resilient Investments LLC, $212,000.

17 Lowe St.: US Bk to Mark Emero, $120,000.

727 Lowell St.: Duc Res LLC to Inderpal Gill and Narinder Gill, $484,000.

6 Murdock Drive: Scott Meserve and Denise D. Meserve to Dennis M. Drilon and Arlene C. Drilon, $345,000.

71 Newbury St.: S&A Prop Corp and Michelle H. Chow to 71 Newbury St Prop LLC, $1,575,000.

7 Rita Road: Nelson Cohen and Barbara Cohen to Richard F. Horgan and Heatherjean Byrne, $359,900.

13 Andover St. #3: Cappuccio & Sons Inc. to Michael Procopio, $235,870.


24 West Ave. #1: Paul Banks and Citibank NA to Citibank NA, $108,750.

134 Boston St. #1A: FNMA to Michael A. Lausier, $90,000.

9 Chandler Road: Adam Baran and Melissa Baran to Deanna L. Warner, $350,000.

11 Church St. #401: Ellen C. Wile Est. and Christopher E. Wile to John Paul Ryan and Kathryn A Ryan, $270,000.

9 Forest Ave. #9: Jacqueline B Broadnax and Wells Fargo Bk to FNMA, $237,881.

271 Lafayette St #2: Matthew T. Leider and GMAC Mortgage LLC to FNMA, $278,879.

181 North St. #109: Anthony L. Albano and Lisa M. Albano to Thomas Heenan, $162,000.

39 Northend Ave.: FHLM to Stacy LA Kilb and Charles G. Kilb, $260,000.

8 Raymond Road #1: Susan Lausier and Bank New York Mellon to Bank New York Mellon, $200,700.

26 Roslyn St.: Barbara Zimmermann to Luanne Leblanc, $33,317.

26 Roslyn St.: Linda Reynolds to Luanne Leblanc, $8,440.

17 Valley St.: C&L Homes LLC to Michael J. White, $379,900.

30 Balcomb St.: Cynthia M. Blanchette to Richard W. Thomas, $249,000.

12 Cleveland St.: Jennifer Dellamonica to Michael L. Mattia, $234,900.

87 Freedom Holw #87: Grace H. Ittleman to Donald McQuaid and Jessica Pittman, $197,500.

41 Greenway Road: Ann Marie Campanella and C.M.T. Theriault-Perkins to Donald G. Stevens and Theresa F. Stevens, $258,000.

69 Hathorne St.: Robert S. Gershaw and Marianne Gershaw to Jose Gomez and Altagracia Gomez, $247,500.

16 Linden St.: FNMA to Nohara Lopez, $285,000.

63 Palmer St. #3: Jupiter 3 LLC to Michael B. Brassil, $157,000.

60 Valiant Way #60: Reeva Oppenheim to Michael V Ciarletta and Marolyn E. Ciarletta, $235,000.

1 Valley Street Way: Paul D. Gallo and Salem Five Mtg Co LLC to Christopher P. Olson, $187,130.

70 Weatherly Drive #108: Edythe Salter to Alex Wiedmann and Evelyn L. Cassara, $350,000.

15 Bengal Lane, #15: USA HUD to Dmitry Bruklich and Anastasiya Bruklich, $195,000.

35 Bow St.: Delorenzo FT and John D. Delorenzo to Shaun M. Mcmanus and Katrin Mcmanus, $215,000.

10 Fairmount St.: Donald Graumann and Laurie H. Graumann to Timothy J. Fontana and Rayna E. Fontana, $347,390.

75 Flint St.: Jennifer Okundaye and HSBC Bank USA to HSBC Mortgage Corp, $236,250.

27 Foster St.: Linda Robinson to Tara H. Kawczynski, $145,000.

1 Hamilton St., #3: Jordan Max to John G. Sundborg, $297,500.

39 Harbor St., #3: Fannie Mae and FNMA to Natalia Kravtsova, $92,500.

2 Hazel St., #1: Lucille E. Miaskiewicz and Joan C. Quinlan to Janine R. Wuschke, $165,000.

9 Herbert St., #3: Gerald H. Wilkens to Gregory S. Lyons, $215,000.

71 Leach St., #2: Daniel Goland and BAC Home Loans Svcng LP to FNMA, $345,686.

36 Naumkeag St., #3: Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Nalda M. Baez, $49,000.

25 Nichols St., #B: FHLM to Amanda J. Patterson and Timothy L. Donovan, $140,000.