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October 26, 2012

Which golden retriever would be the best fit?


Q: I live in the city and am pretty happy here except for dogs allowed to pee on the granite cornerstone of my townhouse. When I see somebody allowing their dog to lift a leg and pee on my property, I always say something, and usually, the person moves on sheepishly. But I’ve seen a few of them return. Why don’t you dog people respect other people’s property, and how do I get rid of the pee stain and smell?

A: People whose dogs soil other people’s property should be reprimanded, even served with a ticket for disturbing the peace of good neighborliness. For Dog Lady, any random act of disregard is very annoying. Whenever someone with a dog acts disrespectfully, everybody with a dog is tarred by the same brush. If a dog owner allows its dog to pee on your granite cornerstone, all leash holders are suspect. Some people may say, “Oh heck, it’s only a piece of rock. What does it matter?” It matters because the piece of rock belongs to another person.

You can purge the stain and smell by washing the granite with a 4-1 mix of vinegar and water. This solution is nontoxic, and anecdotal evidence suggests it works well to cleanse canine indiscretions.


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