, Salem, MA

May 2, 2013

The Reader's Eye

The Salem News

---- — Name: Sarah Rydgren

Hometown: Salem

Description: “This is Rachael, whom I met after I took this photo of her. A fellow sun worshipper I noticed in the background as my son and I watched the sun come up on Good Friday. I took a few photos, then we excitedly walked over to her, and I introduced myself and my son, Maverick, and showed her the photos. I love photographing moments like this, then meeting the people, because there is always such a great response and almost an instant connection.

“I am self-taught and inspired by New England and the beauty surrounding me.”

Camera info: Nikon D90, manual mode, 1/250, f/9.5, ISO 200, 45 mm


“The photographer does a nice job capturing all aspects of a brilliant sunrise, from the silhouetted rocks and land in the distance to the rising sun between the clouds along the horizon line. The warm light spilling from the sun casts a warm glow across the horizon and illuminates the clouds in powerful way. The clouds and ripples from the water provide nice texture to the image, while the dark rocks move the viewer’s eye nicely to the rising sun.”