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February 14, 2014

Dr. Kate's Parent Rap: Parents need to celebrate Valentine's Day, too

Valentine’s Day is celebrated by couples across the country as a way to acknowledge their love for each other. It’s a time when couples decide to set aside other priorities and focus on their relationship. Parents are especially vulnerable to losing sight of romance and their love for each other when they are in the midst of raising kids and making family life their focus, often at the expense of couple time. Studies on marriage and happiness indicate that parenting couples who have at least one date night a week are significantly happier than those who do not.

Let’s face it, what parenting couple doesn’t need a healthy reminder that their love for each other should be celebrated? Well, Valentine’s Day has come to the rescue!

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity and excuse for parents to rekindle and express their romantic love for each other in a way that may be hidden or lost in their parenting lives.

Here is some advice for how parents can have the best Valentine’s Day ever and make the romance last:

Use Valentine’s Day as way to jump-start the missing romantic aspects of your partnership.

For couples that are having difficulties, Valentine’s Day is a great time to reconnect. Think of three things that made you fall in love with your partner and highlight them in a card or gift on Valentine’s Day.

Make a commitment moving forward to have more frequent romantic dates that go above and beyond the once-a-year Valentine’s Day.

Parents need to recognize that the best gift they can ever give their children is the modeling of a healthy, romantic, loving relationship. The best way for kids to learn how to develop their own healthy relationship is to grow up with parents who model this behavior. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for the couple aspect of parents to shine!

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