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January 10, 2014

Ask Dog Lady: West Highland terrier’s antics concern owner


Dear Dog Lady,

I recently had to leave my Chihuahua, Peanut, with my sister and her family for the weekend due to an increased work load. After picking him up, I found he had fleas. I was devastated; I never have gone through this. I immediately took him to the groomer to get shaven, as well as bathed and treated for the fleas. How do I now deal with my sister and her family? I don’t want to take Peanut over there for fear that he will get infested again. I am too embarrassed to tell my sister.

A: Fleas should not come between siblings. Fess up to your sister. Check with your veterinarian who will advise you on the proper flea and tick treatment for Peanut. A groomer is not the first line of defense against bugs. Anyway, you can’t be sure the fleas came from your sister’s. Maybe your home has a few flying around.

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