, Salem, MA

September 26, 2013

The reader's eye

The Salem News

---- — Name: Christine Mendyk

Hometown: Salem

Description: “‘Misty Morning Magic.’ I took this photograph as I was driving to the Todd Farm flea market in Rowley this past Sunday. Half-asleep at about 6 a.m. ... this tree and the fog caught my eye! I almost kept driving not wanting to be late to my antique “finds,” but I had to pull over and walk the quarter-mile back to get this shot. It beckoned me! ... An early Halloween feel of eerie cool!

“I love to take photographs. It’s my passion. I feel naked without my camera. I document life by photographing it for fun!”

Camera info: iPhone


This photo of limited colors evokes a strong response to the mood it creates.

The prominent figure of the tree is placed in a good position in the image. With that tree in the foreground, the background fades off into the fog in layers, giving the photo depth.

A square format works with this subject matter and composition.