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October 18, 2013

Ask Dog Lady: Puppy loves people, but not other dogs


Since we moved back up to New England, her personality has changed. She has become a nipper and growls at visitors to our home. She will let someone hand-feed her snacks, but no one can pet her. Any idea as to why this is happening? We’ve been back here for nearly eight years now, and this behavior has slowly gotten worse. To me, she’s being protective. Am I wrong?

A: Like people, dogs change as they age. Some become grumpy; others grow mellow. Buffy might have a case of the grumpies. Do you give her enough vampires to slay? Walk her daily. You must exercise Buffy, because dogs resolve an abundance of issues with vigorous workouts.

If Buffy accepts food hand-outs without nipping, your terrier mix has a hungry heart and a trusting inclination. Advise potential petters to ignore her. If they insist, they can paw her gently by approaching her from underneath and stroking her breast bone-area instead of dive-bombing from above.


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