, Salem, MA

January 10, 2013

The Reader's Eye

The Salem News

---- — Name: Neil Sicard

Hometown: Salem

Description: “To start the new year, my family went out to McGrath Park located behind my house. We have been waiting for almost two years to use the sled. The first sight of snow, we were ready to test it. My daughter had a blast!”

Camera info: LG Optimus L9 cellphone


“This is an extreme example of the rule of thirds in composition. By creating an imaginary grid dividing the horizontal edge into three sections and dividing the vertical edge into three sections, you will notice the sledders are pretty much in the far-right third, as well as the bottom third, of the grid. Having the large area of snow above the sledders almost creates a downward push toward the sledders. The vertical line of the sled trail becomes a directional tool, as well. A good stop-action shot that captured the peak moment with a spray of snow that is frozen in space along with good expressions on the two faces of the sledders. The photographer might want to consider cropping the top quarter of the photo at the tree line. The trees distract and pull your attention away from the action of the sledders.”