, Salem, MA


September 20, 2013

Dog seems down since four-legged friend's death


A: Your three large dogs are inconvenient arm candy for some men who fancy you date handy. Thanks for the shout-out and for the expression of hope. Yes, of course, there’s somebody out there who will be absolutely charmed by you and your three-pack. The man you seek, however, should be the man of your dreams, not the man of your dog dreams. Don’t expect Mr. Right to be as entranced by your animals as you are. A woman with three golden retrievers is formidable. You will have to assure any potential partner there’s a den in your heart for him, too. Dog Lady is uneasy with the rigid proclamation, “Love me, love my dogs,” because life is not that simple. The best any dog lady can hope for is a man who understands and admires her love of dogs.


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