, Salem, MA

November 15, 2012

The reader's eye

The Salem News

---- — Name: Amy Reebenacker

Hometown: Beverly

Description: “I needed a still-life piece for my art class, and autumn was always my favorite season. I felt like this picture captured it perfectly.

“I’m 17, and photography has always been a passion of mine. I’m pursuing a career in it now.”

Camera info: Nikon D60


“Warm, golden light illuminates the apples, pail, wooden box and planks, creating an inviting still life with character. Apples spilling out of the metal pail are located in the lower half of the frame. The apples are arranged in a planned order. Notice how the apples direct you into the pail and then outward toward the apple in the foreground. There is enough pull from the circular motion of the four apples to hold you in the lower half of the photo. Edges of the wooden box fall along the top and left edges of the image, helping the composition. The different angles of the wooden box and the pail, along with the positioning of the apples, give the image plenty of depth.”