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December 6, 2013

Dear Abby: Sister caught on camera denies stealing earrings


The issue is that it has lost its appeal. Many of us would prefer not to be out on that particular night. How do we, as a group, let them know we no longer want to have game night on New Year’s Eve without hurting their feelings? They tend to be a sensitive couple.

Partied Out In Oregon

Dear Partied Out: Unless one of you is willing to be the messenger and speak for the rest of you, you should tell this couple as a group — well before the end of the year — that you would prefer not to be out on a night when many of the drivers on the road have been drinking. It’s a valid reason.

While the New Year’s Eve card game may have become a tradition, times change, and as people mature, they tend to make more mature decisions. The one you’re making ranks high among them.

P.S. There should be no hurt feelings if you suggest that the card game take place at some other time.

Dear Abby: I’m a 58-year-old male. My wife divorced me last year after 33 years of marriage. Must I wait the recommended seven years before dating? I heard I must wait one year for every five I was married.

Ready Or Not In Michigan

Dear Ready Or Not: I wonder where you heard that! The answer is no. At 58, you had better start soon. You’re not getting any younger.


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