, Salem, MA

March 21, 2013

The Reader's Eye

The Salem News

---- — Name: Carol Mahoney

Hometown: Salem

Description: “This picture was taken at Salem Willows. It was taken late afternoon when the sun was starting to go down. I like this photo because of the contrast in the color of the ocean and the sky. I love to go for walks with my camera and capture anything that catches my eye.”

Camera info: Nikon D40X, 55 mm lens, aperture f/18, focal length 18, shutter speed 1/500, ISO 400.


“The photographer does a nice job capturing a scene of beauty and tranquility. The calm, dark water contrasts nicely with the rippling clouds across the sky. The dark blue tones found in the water are complemented nicely by the light blues of the sky and clouds. The jutting pier draws the viewer’s eye from the left side of the image right into the center where the triangular shape of the wooden posts and reflection in the water complement the powerful horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines created by the pier. By shooting at f/18, the photographer achieves a great depth of field, capturing every detail in precise fashion.”