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February 1, 2013

Jealous terrier won't warm up to co-owner


If you can afford a doggy day care, take your new dog there. Puppies need love no matter where they come from, a puppy mill or a pet store.

A: Pet shops wouldn’t exist if people ignored those doggies in the window. The pups can’t help where they come from, and, as you point out, all pups need good homes. A classified advertisement led Dog Lady to her own puppy many years ago. Let’s agree that however a pet comes into your life, it’s a sweet thing.

However, we do have some control over these matters, and we have to be responsible about acquiring a dog. Dogs from puppy mills can have terrible health and behavior problems caused by inbreeding. They need patient owners.

And time is crucial. Why get a puppy if you are never home to walk it, train it or enjoy it? Dog walkers and doggy day care ventures — as good as they are — require an investment that has nothing to do with personal connection between you and your puppy.


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