, Salem, MA

February 28, 2013

The reader's eye

The Salem News

---- — Name: Christine Mendyk

Hometown: Salem

Description: “I took this in Hamilton. I clean houses and regularly get to visit beautiful homes on beautiful properties. I was finished for the day and went to my car, and I looked up at this view. I call these my ‘ah ha’ God moments, where he says, ‘Christina, here you go,’ take a photo. The only camera I had on me was my iPhone. I captured ‘Hamilton Sky,’ the New England sky in all its glory.

“I love photography and had my Nikon stolen last year. It threw me. I love to photograph everything all around me and tell wonderful stories through photos. I am purely for the passion, not profession, of photography. It makes my heart sing. I am saving for another Nikon. D5000, hopefully soon!”

Camera info: iPhone


“Pastel colors convey the tranquil mood in this winter image at twilight. Muted colors reflect off the snow in the foreground, rounding out the soft color palette. The stark, leafless trees and fence are strong elements that stand out, but do not overpower the soft colors. A good composition, nicely captured.”