, Salem, MA

June 20, 2013

The reader's eye

The Salem News

---- — Name : Christopher Flynn

Hometown: Beverly

Description: “I was taking my dog out for a walk this morning when I noticed the beaded up raindrops on the leaves of the mayapple plants in my garden. I found the pattern and contrast very interesting.

“Shape, patterns, light, shadow they all play a part in artistic photography. They all add to a good composition.”

Camera info: Canon 5D Mark II


The photographer does a very nice job capturing the beauty that nature has left behind. The vibrant green found in the leaf is contrasted nicely with the subtle, darker greens that are found in the cascading leaves. The dark fall-off and vignetting around the edges makes the center leaf pop and immediately draws the viewer’s eye to the complex textures and patterns formed by the water droplets. The photographer does a nice job placing the center of the leaf a bit off center, using the rule of thirds which creates a visually appealing and balanced image.