, Salem, MA


June 12, 2014

The reader's eye

Name: Corey Kramer

Hometown: Beverly

Description: “Making my way over to the Museum of Fine Arts, passing by the (First Church of Christ, Scientist).

“I intend to give a near perspective to real-life situations and what is going on at that exact moment in time. In the image, the water doesn’t have a flow in patter, each ripple is unique from the next. The building is stiff and geometric, its repetition and near-to-perfect symmetry, which contrasts the organic nature of the water underneath it. We as humans strive for perfection, but it can never be reached, because the most perfect thing is imperfect. Even though the building is on top, trying to overpower what’s pre-existing, time and time again, we fail because nothing is more beautiful than the simplicity of Mother Nature, our home.

Camera info: Nikon DSLR d5100, 18-55mm Lens


Repeating architectural shapes and shadows reverberate. Positive and negative spaces fight it out. Plenty of energy in this image. The black-and-white treatment is the right pick for this photo.

A thin white line separating the water from the building is just thin enough to separate, but not chop, the image in half.

The photographer willingly explains his reasoning for taking the photo and speaks of the relationships of the elements in his submitted text.

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