, Salem, MA

July 25, 2013

The reader's eye

The Salem News

---- — Name: Tara Zanett

Hometown: Brookline

Description: “Every year, I try to make it to Martha’s Vineyard at least once (a couple times if I’m lucky), and I always make sure to get up to watch the sun rise. I was really glad I did on this day, because it was incredible! A woman running by stopped to watch it with me and said that she sees the sunrise most mornings, but this one was truly special.

“I am a freelance photographer in Boston. I love to capture real moments and create images that are filled with emotion. I am also a sucker for an amazing sunrise and sunset ... happens every day but never gets old to me!”

Camera info : Nikon D90 50mm lens


The photographer does a very nice job capturing the beauty and colors of an early-morning sunrise. The bright orange and yellows of the sky are contrasted nicely by the cooler blues and the silhouetted fence at the bottom of the frame. The wispy clouds are illuminated by the rising sun and add a smooth texture to the image. The photographer does a nice job framing the image, using the rule of thirds nicely.

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