, Salem, MA


May 15, 2014

Reader's eye

Name: Sarah Rydgren

Hometown: Salem

Description: “I’ve been trying to perfect the art of astrophotography, and this is my latest image, taken at Nason’s Beach in Sebago, Maine, around 11 at night. A storm rolled in, and during my exposure, clouds began to block the stars, but I think it adds to the image. I am a self-taught photographer. I am inspired by the beauty around me and take my camera wherever I go.”

Camera info: Nikon d90, 11 mm, f/2.8, 22 second exposure, ISO 1600, remote trigger, heavy-duty tripod


An unusual approach to capturing a lakeside scene. A long time exposure at night created the different look. The clouds lit up on the horizon are quite dramatic. The light and shadows of the rippled sand add another nice quality to the photo.

The placement of beached boat at the bottom right and the large area devoted to the clouds and star-sprinkled sky displays a well-planned composition. A successful image created under different lighting.

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