, Salem, MA

April 25, 2011

North Shore real estate transactions

The following real estate transactions took place in North Shore towns recently:


50 Amherst Road: Marion D. Carter and Marion J. Day to Nicholas Mazzaglia and Kristin Torrey, $294,000.

13 Andover Road: US Bk to DMS RT and Manuel E. Joaquin, $220,000.

2 Bertram St.: Nancy L. Jones and BAC Home Loans Svcng LP to FHLM, $291,600.

701 Cabot St.: Project Adventure Inc. to Cape Ann Waldorf School, $2,050,000.

327 Elliott St.: David I. Walsh and Citimortgage Inc to FNMA, $264,178.

21 Highland Ave. #3: Brad Phillips to Edward Wayne Thompson, $152,000.

163 Mckay St.: David L. Smith to Virginia L. Smith, $150,000.

4 Riverview St.: Goroni Mildred L Est and Karen E. Fletcher to Robin R. Sears, $235,000.


42 Moonpenny Drive: Wells Fargo Bk to Dan Ginley, $350,000.


28 Chestnut St.: FNMA to Krugman RT and Jeffrey J. Krugman, $139,900.

311 Maple St.: Shawn W. Carroll and Eileen M. Carroll to Robert Kasperek and Tyese L. Kasperek, $350,000.

1 Naumkeag Row: Peter S. Sinapis and Cheryl L. Sinapis to Michael Caron and Joanne Caron, $465,000.

14 Williams St., #C15: Kendick D. Rattray and Claire E. Rattray to John H. Strong, $227,500.


17 Durham Ave.: Flaminio Lanzillo to Karin Gitto-Harring, $126,000.

100 Moulton St.: John Kenneth Dane to ES Restorations LLC, $160,000.


17 Estes St.: Carl E. Princi and Julie A. Deveaux to James S. Zabelski and Allisha Zabelski, $303,000.

12 Hodges Way: Stanley E. Finkenthal and Gerda E. Finkenthal to Stefan G. Surpitski, $309,000.

10 Newbury Road: Kevin M. Rothwell and Jennifer M. Rothwell to Mark R. Baker and Kelly L. Bovio-baker, $485,000.

91 Pineswamp Road: Ira Schildkraut and Deborah Schildkraut to Wendy White and Robert White, $607,500.


4 Fuller Lane: 4 Fuller Lane RT and Donna L. Wetmore to Kevin M. Weiss and Elizabeth S. Weiss, $2,525,000.

19 Leggs Hill Road: IIan Amar and Metlife Home Loans to FNMA, $463,814.

6 Leo Road: Brian D. Krivitsky to Margaret M. Hansen, $140,000.


79 Boston St.: Everett W. Mitchell Est. and Daniel J. Butler to Middleton RE Group LLC, $200,000.

139 Liberty St.: Frank A. Binelli and Sharon E. Binelli to Erik A. Dalen and Cortney B. Dalen, $248,000.

36 Village Road, #403: Laurel J. Schmid to Robert J. Winters, $212,500.

36 Village Road, #502: Michael S. Whalen and BAC Home Loans Svcng LP to FHLM, $208,966.


6 Essex Center Drive #209: A5A Peabody Medical Pk T and Ralph L. Epstein to N. Peter Hjorth, $113,500.

107 Foster St. #206: Lauren A. Sullo to Ashley Homem, $175,000.

64 Foster St. #404: 64 Foster Street RT and Donato F. Pizzuti to Herbert David Durant, $103,000.

26 Harris St.: FNMA and Fannie Mae to Marco A. Goulart and Maria A. Goulart, $245,000.

22 Kosciusko St.: Mariann Illingworth to Neia Illingworth, $166,000.

56 Pierpont St.: James T. Coughlin and Joseph P. Coughlin to Bryan V. Silva, $130,000.

7 Proctor St.: Ydeline Hilaire and Citimortgage Inc. to FNMA, $222,941.

8 Crowninshield St. #301: Jin Byung Chae and Sue Kyung Choi to Michael D. Trevisani, $222,000.

326 Lowell St.: Fannie Mae and FNMA to Luke J. Kenny, $212,000.

34 Murray St.: Shun Foo Wong and Tina Lee Wong to Nickolas Venetsanakos, $349,000.

4 Parkview Lane: Joyce M. Seaberg and Stanley C. Seaberg to Kimberly Seaberg, $235,000.

1200 Salem St. #134: Roger A. Tietsch RET and Joan V. Tietsch to Maria F. Ramos and Emanuel J. Ramos, $326,000.

11 Winnegance Ave.: Tara L. Holleran and Chase Home Finance LLC to FNMA, $334,629.

4 Batchelder Ave.: Thomas M. Estabrook and Chase Home Finance LLC to Chase Home Finance LLC, $317,710.

8 Crowninshield St., #412: Keri A. Gallien to Marie Macero, $257,800.

3 Elenas Way: Littles Hill RT and Carl A. Crupi to Arthur N. Lopresti and Elaine M. Lopresti, $529,900.

111 Foster St., #219: Lynda J. Mahieu to Karin Valliere-Moschetto, $105,000.