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November 29, 2013

Dog Lady: Even active, energetic dogs need naptime


A: Your collie acts out of instinct — either protection or fear or both — when visitors are afoot. Yours is a new home for the dog, and she is learning the ways of the world from you. So are your guests.

Start a campaign of silence with visitors. Warn them beforehand not to ring the doorbell, not to knock, and to enter your house quietly with no fuss, muss and fanfare. Their quietude will transfer to your dog’s frame of mind. If nobody becomes all excited with her, your dog will inevitably calm down. This means, of course, that you know who’s arriving in your home to warn beforehand and who’s coming to dinner — as well you should in this day and age.

As for your collie, teach her to sit and stay — for treats — so you divert her. If you keep her distracted, she won’t go ballistic. When company is expected, put her in another room if you don’t want to take the time to train her to sit and be silent. Handle all of this in as quiet a manner as you can possibly muster. Yelling on top of barking never solves anything.


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