, Salem, MA

January 4, 2010

North Shore real estate transactions

The following real estate transactions took place in North Shore towns recently:


8 Andrews Farm Road: Nancy Steadman to Michael Cullivan, $312,000.

23 Camelot Drive: Peter Clark and Brenda S. Clark to Malcolm Haith, $440,000.

131 Herrick Road: Barbara Gingrande and Franklin Gingrande to Ehud Weizman, $600,000.

233 Middleton Road: Charles W. Mathison to Carmen J. Parziale, $485,000.

35 Woodcrest Road: Jamie Russo to Evangelea S. Kelly, $475,000.


Arthur Ave. #1A: George H. Ricker and Marcella L. Ricker to Ray Brunet, $10,000.

85 Perkins Ave.: Jennifer E. Campbell to Clayton T. Range, $267,500.


5 Ashley Lane: Carl R. Carlson and Wanda Carlson to Tamas Vincze, $570,000.

187 County Road: Carl A. Pescosolido Sr. T and Barbara R. Carpenter to Thomas P. Eddy and Jennifer J. Eddy, $1,000,000.

45 County St. #2: Kathleen Kelleher to Jean M. Allen, $172,000.

43 Farley Ave.: Walter J. Pojasek and Dorothy G. Pojasek to Edwin Vannah, $336,500.

6 Mill Road: Jennifer Eddy to Raymond J. Gosselin, $1,350,000.

6 S. Main St. #3: Alison B. Taylor to Lesley A. Smythe, $210,000.


14 Anderson St.: Debra L. Kassoff and Alexander D. M. Kassoff to Sean D. Conley, $355,000.

69 Atlantic Ave.: James Paul Brophy Est. and James F. Brophy to Raymond Brian Billings and Jennifer Graham Billings, $334,500.

4 Bennett Road: Jeffrey Tucker to Daniel M. Rand, $371,000.

35 Bubier Road: Charley C. Morrow to Laura H. Bloom, $408,500.

21 Central St.: Cheryl Tremblay and Roger Tremblay to Caroline L. Bock-Tremblay, $125,000.

12 Fieldbrook Road: Helene Brown to Vitaly Shub, $560,000.

54 Lee St.: Stephen L. Cruse and Marjorie C. Cruse to Bluefish Partners LLC, $315,000.

48 Maverick St.: Marblehead Bank to Diane Vinita, $330,000.

6 Pig Rock Lane: Walter W. Shulits and Catherine M. Shulits to Brian M. Miller, $1,700,000.

239 Washington St. #3: David A. Milne and Suzanne A. Milne to Daniel F. Forster and Patricia Forster, $157,000.


11 East St.: Donna L. Johnson to Lafauci RE Dev LLC, $600,000.

14 James Ave.: Annette J. Papa T and Annette J. Papa to Oliver Klink, $699,000.

138 N. Main St.: Prime Invest Forest LLC to Christopher J. Ward, $455,000.

63 S Main St.: Charles S. Clinch to Charles S. Clinch, $315,000.

16 Sheldon Circle #16: Conway Maple St. Realty LLC to Katie A. Horgan, $186,000.

38 Village Road #603: Christine Robicheau to Robert Ferm, $250,000.


162 Essex St.: Douglas J. Fuller and Diane F. Fuller to Amit Jain, $305,000.

37 Essex St.: David Sherman Est. and Christo Dadasis to Anthony L. Green, $250,000.

3 Fisher Ave.: M. B. Majella-White and John J. White to Adam D. Clough and Giao N. Le, $335,000.

43 Hillside Ave. #2: Kenneth Wesley Clark and GMAC Mortgage LLC to FHLM, $122,473.


10 Rowley Road: Judith A. Hamel and Judith A. Melanson to Steven K. Martin, $439,000.

3 Pine Ridge Road: John A. McHugh and Sheila J. Mchugh to Joseph Paul Yutkins, $346,500.

34 Bare Hill Road: 34 Bare Hill Road T and Barbara A. Johnson to Micheal T. Bane, $475,000.

8 Ross Road: Jeffrey P. Gilmore and Erinn L. Gilmore to Peter Wexler, $495,000.

28 Rowley Road: Spakowski FT and William D. Spakowski to Harris FT, $260,000.

30 Rowley Road: Spakowski FT and William D. Spakowski to Bonnie Gulick, $260,000.

32 Woodside Road: Thomas F. Tighe and Elizabeth M. Tighe to Jeffrey P. Gilmore, $506,000.

50 Kinsman Circle: Harry N. Lowell and Joan B. Lowell to Ian M. Baylis, $505,000.

1 Mansion Drive: Robert S. Cohen and Sally Cohen to Robert D. Ogden, $515,000.

189 Perkins Row: Timothy R. Kelliher to Anthony Abdulla and Samantha Abdulla, $470,000.

159 Ipswich Road: Kelly Ann O'Brien and Mellon Bank Of New York to Mellon Bank Of New York, $330,225.

112 Main St.: Marilyn J. Manter to Jillian Winfrey, $446,500.

148 Haverhill Road: Matthew J. Barry and Barbara A. Barry to Deborah L. Wells, $330,000.

84 Hill St.: Georgianna K. Magner and Georgianna K. Marks to Neil J. Slyva, $375,000.

54 North St.: Bruce L. Simpson to Lisa Marafioti Black, $326,000.

50 Prospect St.: Sovereign Bk to Michael Crowe, $195,000.

86 Salem Road: MIT RE Fundation Inc. to Steven B. Hall, $500,000.

33 Coppermine Road: Emad S. Younan and Neviene S. Younan to Jonathan Shuman, $920,000.

114 S Main St.: Jared A. Judson and Judith F. Judson to Peter M. Cowan, $470,000.

64 Wenham Road: Stephen Bernstein and JP Morgan Chase Bk to JP Morgan Chase Bk, $276,250.

281 Rowley Bridge Road #23: Amberwood Dev LLC to Mary A. Judge, $349,000.

34 Timber Lane: Alice Brenda Taylor to David C. Peterson, $375,000.

19 Blueberry Lane: Dana E. Warren and Elizabeth A. Warren to James M. Dalton, $709,000.

17 Boxford Road: Willard R. Prouty and Cynthia U. Prouty to Alexander Doumas, $650,000.

Hickory Lane #1: Meeting Way Corp Inc. to Tom Patenaude Homes Inc., $462,500.

16 Parsonage Lane: Joel Weingarten and Bonny M. Weingarten to Scott E. Winfrey, $400,000.

130 Perkins Row: Debera Y. Grzybek and Stanley Grzybek to Robert J. Buccafusca, $562,000.

14 Perkins Circle: Dawley Janice M Est. and Jayne McMillen to Jan Soriano, $475,000.

12 Evergreen Lane: Tom Patenaude Homes Inc. to Sean T. Randall, $840,000.

157 High St.: Anthony E. Arcari to Thomas W. Cunningham, $450,900.

33 High St.: Stephen S. Clark and Wendy K. Clark to Gregory Damigella, $485,000.

24 Winsor Lane: Dorothy Kwiatowski to Julie E. Kolinsky, $385,000.


152 Main St. #1: Waters RT and Dana S. Waters to Maria Lekkakos, $267,000.

41 Pleasant St.: L. John Maestranzi to Thomas Starr, $601,000.

87 Main St.: Canaan Farm T and Marilyn Donati to Canaan Farm Realty LLC, $658,334.

97 Main St.: Greycroft T and Marilyn Donati to Canaan Farm Rlty LLC, $329,166.

10 Wallis St. #10: Wenham Meeting House LLC to James D. Henderson, $599,000.

225 Main St.: White FT and Melissa White Shanahan to 225 Main Cutter RT, $900,000.

4 Puritan Road: Shirley A. Ryan to Martin J. Cooke, $400,000.

2 Wallis St. #2: Wenham Meeting House LLC to Steven Saporito, $599,000.

5 Main St.: Overloch RT and Rosemarie K. Bottomley to Campbell Steward, $1,525,000.

5 Wallis St. #5: Wenham Meeting House LLC to Kathryn L Duryea FT, $599,000.

44 William Fairfield Drive: Royal Lepage Relocation to Gavin R. Danaher, $655,000.

84 Maple St.: Eleanor M. Eveleth to Kirk J. Dodge, $132,000.

23 Burnham Road: Michael Kelly to Andrew J. Ting, $750,250.

8 Wallis St. #8: Wenham Meeting House LLC to Charlotte F. Newman, $599,000.

45 Cherry St.: Carol E. Roberts and David Roberts to Chad S. Smith, $495,000.

13 Wallis St. #13: Wenham Meeting House LLC to Robert J. Frascella, $599,000.

25 Grapevine Road: Patrick Q. Riordan and Julie K. Riordan to James N. Esdaile, $865,000.

3 Wallis St. #3: Wenham Meeting House LLC to Hewitt Morgan, $599,000.

8 Lake Ave.: James M. Dalton and Sandra L. Dalton to Adonis Vidu, $390,000.

2 Burnham Road: Mary Kane Donovan and Joseph F. X. Donovan to 1st Un Fed Organization Corp., $540,000.

3 Eaton Road: Carole Donovan and Linda Bocchino to 3 Amigos RT, $215,000.

38 William Fairfield Drive: Jeremiah W. Sullivan and Barbara A. Sullivan to John F. Driscoll, $825,000.

1 Cedar St.: Arthur L. Crimmins and Amelia Cushing Crimmins to Andrew Sharp, $422,000.

108 Grapevine Road: David W. Clough to David F. Torchiana, $1,700,000.

112 Maple St.: Paul Lester Southwick to Peter A. Wolczik, $307,500.