, Salem, MA

December 12, 2013

The reader's eye

The Salem News

---- — Name: Peter Hallett

Hometown: Hamilton

Description: “While I was raking leaves, the soft pink/peach feathers in the bird bath caught my eye. Apparently a tufted titmouse had an aggressive wash and shed a few secondary feathers. The contrast with the stone and the back lighting on the wispy feathers made for a satisfying photo opportunity.

“Being retired gives me plenty of time to see the unusual shots. My backyard is a haven for birds. I just love taking photographs.”

Camera info: Nikon D200 18-200 mm zoom lens


An interesting array of textures is exhibited in this photo. The softness of the feathers stands out against the hard rock surface. The rough surface of the rock contrasts with the smooth surface of the water. Reflective highlights on the water and stone enhance the textures and play an important part in this photo.