, Salem, MA

November 22, 2007

Where were you when you heard the Danversport explosion, and what was your first thought when you heard it?

Where were you when you heard the Danversport explosion, and what was your first thought when you heard it?


Your Story

I live in Wenham and was woken out of my sleep by a huge bang. I almost fell out of bed. Amy

I received a phone call telling me I should check on my parents that there was an explosion near their house. My parents live at 4 Rainbow Terr. I called them-they were OK but then another explosion happened. I was scared-I needed to get to them. I did get to them and saw that physically they were OK, but the house was damaged. A lot of emotions but 1yr later they are doing OK and the house is repaired.. I am disappointed in your article that you seem to have forgotten the Left side of Water St., the damage they sustained and their emotional toil. Doreen Bedard

in bed and I thought it was Eastern propane that went upm I live on Cottage ave. but when I heard it was that company I wasn't surprized at all, I work for then back in the 80's and they were a shadey company to work for they didn't have ANY safety codes to protect the workers or the people living near the company shame on THEM ! Bob Plante

I was in bed sleeping. I woke up to the sound, and my father telling me it was just thunder and I should return to sleep. I did, but found out the next morning it was a little more than thunder. Sean Hallinan

I was coming onto rt 128 from rt i was driving I saw what appeared to be heat lightening.. it flashed i came closer bout near the split of 128 to 95..there was a large mushroom cloud rising..sorta like the atom bomb...I could see the flames from 128 near the exit for the liberty tree mall..thought it was the old school for the deaf building so drove down to water st to see..the road was just being blocked off.. I did not hear any sound or explosion was all just first thought was just weather related...then with the rising cloud thought it was a bomb... Kevin

I was asleep on 16 Riverside Street. My first thought was "that was BIG." I thought that we were at war. Then I thought a plane or truck had hit the house. Then I ran into the hallway and walked on all this broken glass. The windows were gone. I saw the fire and thought that the gas station had blown up. Then the neighbors were screaming "help!" and "get out of your house!" Anne Vinsel

I was sound asleep in our Bates Street home, and was blown out of bed. My initial thought was a plane had hit our house when i saw fire out my bedroom window. I ran outside with the kids and saw neighbors running towards my house. We all finally realized it was the chemical plant and got in our cars and got outta there! Thanks to everyone that helped us during the past year!Happy Thanksgiving. Lori A.

My boyfriend and I were sound asleep in downtown Salem when the explosion woke us up. And somehow, each of us knew that the other was awake--wide awake. We each asked each other, "What was that?!?" After 5 minutes or so, and after listening for emergency vehicles and not hearing any, we gradually fell back asleep, and we were both shocked to see what had happened on the morning news. Wendy

I was in bed sleeping, when I heard the explosion. I thought it was thunder at first, then I heard it again and I woke up to sirens. Patti

We were at home in bed, 2 miles away. Our first thought was that something really serious had happened. We turned on radio and tv and got no info. Helen Burns

i woke up and wa scared and then the first thought in my head was "oh my god I hope Nelson is alive!!" my friend lived above the pizza factory at the time of the explosion. Amanda

Asleep.. I thought we were being attacked. Evelyn

I was asleep in my house in Peabody (across from Bishop Fenwick), when a loud bang woke me. I thought a car hit my house because of the vibration I felt. Or, my other thought was a plane crashed on the next street from me. I could see the flames over the roof tops across the road from me. The explosion was actually @1/2 mile away. As I walked to find out what it was in case I need to evacuate my house, I couldn't believe how far I had to go to get to the fire. Judy Collins

My family was sleeping... out 8 year old daughter came into the room crying because she thought a T-Rex was coming to the house! Diane Lockhart

I thought we had an earthquake. Rachael Loughlin

I was home on Mildred road and my first thought was a plane crashed. I live near the Beverly Airport. Maryanne

I got up from bed to use the bathroom and i heard a loud bang that sounded like a bomb went off and looked out of my 2nd story window and way across the river i could see smoke. At that point I knew it was something really bad. Thank God nobody was killed. It was truly a miracle! SUE

did not hear it at all and i live a mile away. george

I was asleep in my apartment near Salem Common. My apartment door was shaking, and I heard dogs barking and car alarms so I was sure it was an earthquake. I was in the Northridge Quake in L.A. in 1994 (my account of it was published on the front page of the Salem News!). I turned on my police scanner and stayed up all night listening to the first responders, who were incredibly impressive I thought. It was especially cool to hear how all the local communities pitched in and sent teams. Erik Smith

I was about an 1/4 of a mile away when the Danversport Explosion occurred. I was rocked out of bed and my first thought was that we were hit by a bomb. Jack Bauer

We live in Georgetown and thought a plane had crashed or that Eastern Propane had blown up Steve


I was at home in bed in Danvers.My Roomate who works in Boston then walked into my bedroom after being woken up and he said to me my god I hope that was not the LNG tanker if it was I'm going to be called into work at Mass General. Steve

Got rocked out of bed a 1/4 mile from explosion. Thought a plane crashed and from our second floor watched the flames shoot up over the tree line. Tim

I was in my house. The sound and feel gives me new definition to the term "earth-shattering". I thought initially it was a gas explosion in the house, then I realized it couldn't be because I was still alive. 2nd thought was a plane crashed very close by. We really did not know what it was but we could see the flames when we went outside. We talked to a few neighbors, and then evacuated very quickly from the area. Ed Sanborn

I was asleep when the explosion occured and my first thought was that an earthquake was taking place. I was very nervous when i awoke and checked on other family members. I turned on the news to get some type of explaination for the loud noise. Jason Alexander

My husband Anthony and I were asleep when we heard and felt the explosion. We immediatley thought that terrorists had struck Logan Airport. Even though we live in Salem our walls cracked and my vases fell and damaged our original wood floors. Amie Aloisi

Asleep on the couch,(Beverly, Dane st.) I looked out the door, saw the mushroom cloud, and thought it was eastern propane. Turned out to be a good guess! eastern is right across the St. from the site. I had a small crack in a wall from it. I know it was from the explosion because, I just painted the wall that day! Scott

I was asleep in bed and was awakened by what I thought was possibly a plane crashor a bomb since the noise was so loud and strong!! Mary Jane Carey

I was in St.Croix, US Virgin Islands (my sister and brothers in Danvers notified me. I used to work for the "old" Liberty Marina when Mel Nelson ran it. That company was just a ticking bomb. The place looked like a run down mill(drums and things laying about). Terrorism never crossed my mind. Michael Baldwin

i believe if my memory recalls me it was early wednesday morning at 2:50 a.m and i was in bed. i live in the goat hill area of beverly and the vibration of the explosion came across the water. the house shook and i got out of bed and felt another shaking of the house. my first thought was we were having an earthquake and i remembered that in the 18oo's we had a very powerful earthquake on or around thanksgiving. i stayed up and put the local radio station on and nothing was said. i went out at four to go to a a.t.m to give my daughter money to do my shopping for the holiday as i had to work. when i went outside i looked across the water and saw a very large ball of fire and lots of helicopters flying above. now i thought we were at war as it was still dark. i went to one stop on rantoul street and when i arrived home my daughter was there and told me she heard about the explosion and tried to call her brother as he lives in the area next to hartnett's carwash. i was ! very upset as i thought my son's home had been affected and he had already had his share of grief being a Katrina victim and moving back home to Massachusetts. he wasn't answering as he was dealing with his poor dogs who were shaken beyond belief. luckily his home was not damaged and only pictures and things had fallen. a very eventful day and all the more reason to be thankful for the next day Thanksgiving that no lives had been lost. Cynthia Hartnett

I was in bed sleeping when my 10 year old daughetr woke me up because she heard "a loud boom and the house shake". I checked the house and told my daughter it must have been a dream and to go back to bed. Steve Kapantais

I was in bed in my house in Andover and felt a thud, which I thought was something falling on the roof. My wife and I had been at the Danversport Yacht Club the night before and we were shocked to hear of the explosion on the news in the morning. At first, all I could think of was the Devcon building off of Endicott St.because I had never heard of another chemical plant in that part of Danvers. James Sellers

I was sleeping in my third floor apt. with my two dogs in Beverly, near the Central Station firehouse. The blast shook everything in the apartment and caused the dogs to have a barking frenzy. To help calm the dogs and entertain my curiosity, we took a walk outside; the skyline over the port area was a fiery red glow. Later that day I was resetting my wind gage and noted it had registered the maximum speed it is capable of, 110 mph at the time of the blast. Kathy

The sound woke my wife and me from a deep sleep in Marblehead. My first thought was that it was a plane crash. I had heard a large plane crash from a distance many years ago and the very low deep rumble I heard was eerily similar. After seeing no evidence a crash within sight of our house, we went back to sleep expecting to hear where the crash was on the morning news. Harry Kindle

My wife and I were asleep. Our entire house shook, I thought a car had slammed into the house or that the gas furnace had exploded. I looked out the window and saw nothing. I then checked the furnace and it was OK. Thank God no one was seriously injured. Tim Hosman

We were in bed in our Peabody home. The explosion threw me out of bed and onto the floor, and my husband jumped up. My brother in law came running into the room and thought it was an earthqake, while my husband ran downstairs thinking a truck, or plane flew into the house. Looking outside, we could see the red sky, and at 2am, neighbors flocked into the streets. It was SO scary not knowing what was happening. Kate

The explosion woke me from a very deep sleep. I lived on the second floor of a two family house in Salem about 2.5 miles from the explosion. As I struggled to get my wits about me I noticed that the house was trembling like we were having an earthquake. I thought I had awoke to the sound of thunder, but no more followed. It wasn't until the next morning that I realized the explosion was what had disturbed my sleep. Bert Capella

I was at home in bed on Symonds Street in Salem about a mile from the blast. My roommate and I jumped out of bed and thought there was an explosion right outside. We went outside and saw the ball of fire coming from Danvers. We made it as far as Treadwells. Katie St Pierre

I was home in bed in Rowley when I woke up from hearing and feeling the explosion. When my brother called and said it happened in Danvers, I was shocked that I had felt it from so far away! Kerri

I was on my way to work. My mom and step dad live in danvers. First thought was to call to make sure that they were ok. AMP

Home in my bed. I live in the woodvale section of Danvers on the Wenham line. The expolsion woke the whole house but about 5:30 am a phone call from the school department made me aware of the nature of the Boom. My first thought was for the safety of the people in the bates street area since we know some of the residents. Randy Bird

Asleep in bed. Earthquake. Ronnie

I was in bed and jumped out of bed not sure of what happened. I thought that a car had hit the house. My husband thought it was an earthquake. We live about 2 miles from the explosion. Patti

I lived about a mile from the explosion and was awaken by the loud blast and shaking of my house. It was a scariest thing I have ever experienced, I thought a plan crashed in my backyard. Although I'm sure it doesn't even begin to compare to what the residents of the port experienced,my prayers go out to all those families. Kim Dunn

I had just put my head on my pillow after watching a late night (early morning) movie. It was a pre-911 terrorist movie set in NYC with Denzel Washington called "The Siege". Obviously, there were LOTS of explosions in the movie so you can imagine what went through my head when the loudest noise that I've ever experienced went off just outside my home. Very unnerving and surreal. We had a special toast at dinner two days later giving thanks that no one was killed. Brian in Danvers

I was in bed sleeping. I live less then a mile away. My first thought was that an airliner crashed. I went to the window that was facing away from the explosion area expecting to see a glow in the sky. I didn't see a glow, but what I did see was a lot of people walking up high street towards the danversport area. I thought it strange to see that many people outside as early as it was in the morning so I went out my front door and that is when I saw the glow I expected. My wife and I walked to John George park with the rest of the people walking the street and that is where we saw the fire. Bob Burnett

In bed. It woke us up and we thought it was an earthquake. It was so strong that it shook open my front door, and we are on Conant Street. Then my sister called to tell us she heard on the police scanner about the explosion and that the Home for the Deaf was being evacuated. We were concerned because a relative lives on Appleton St. so we jumped in the car and at 3 in the morning we hit rush hour traffic. We could only get as far as Sam & Joes, but there were people walking everywhere and the parking lot at Sam & Joes was full of people trying to see what happened. The police had the bridge blocked at that point. Nancy

I was sound asleep in bed. I live near the Beverly airport and I literally jumped in my sleep, I thought a plan had crashed in my neighborhood. Natasha Coyne

I was jolted right out of my bed, and thought we were being attacked!!!! I live near the Danvers Square and can only imagine what it would have felt like closer to the explosion . Michelle Miano

My husband and I were at home,sleeping. We initially thought a plane had crashed at the Beverly Airport. Sue P.

At home asleep in bed. I thought it was thunder then realized that my home was in shambles. Andrea Farrell

Just got home from Boston and i was laying in my living room when i saw this flash then a boom i thought for sure a plane had crashed.I got off the couch and went out side but nobody seemed to be out.Went to bed and when i woke up I put on the news and well you know the rest. Rob

I live in Marblehead and was just getting out of bed. I actually thought it was an earthquake,every window just shook. I turned on the tv to see if they said anything on the news. That is how I found out it was an explosion. Kathy Warburton

i was asleep in my bed with my wife.after the explosion i told my wife to look out the window towards the water and if she sees a ball of fire that an airplane just crashed into the water at the end of our street(riverview ave. danvers)sure enough she sees the ball of fire!for sure i thought it was a jet plane crash. dave bevan

I live in Gardner Park. My house shook, a few windows cracked and I jumped out of bed. I thought the gas service in my house exploded. Johnny

I was in bed on Cabot St., in Beverly when I thought my cat woke me up from a sound sleep, I heard the boom,the house shook and being half awake, I thought,"Why would a cat dropping a toy upstairs make the house shake?" I fell back to sleep. When I woke up at 6am I turned on the news. I didn't dawn on me that I felt the Danvers explosion until they said it was felt into the Peabody area. Aha! Cindy Caler

I was awakened from my sleep by what sounded like one of the boilers in the basement lighting roughly. Thing is...I live in Ipswich. The wave hit the side of my house hard enough to wake me up, about 12-14 miles away. J.C.A.

My family and I were sound asleep in our North Beverly home. We all awoke thinking that there was an earthquake. Our whole house shook. We didn't hear any sires. Mary Beth Kluge

I was sleeping when I heard what sounded like a loud crash. I thought that my daughter had rolled out of her bed and I ran to her room, only to find her sleeping soundly. We live in downtown Beverly; I can't imagine how loud the blast must have sounded to people who lived closer to the site. Meghan

I was in bed sleeping and I thought at first that there was an earthquake because my building shook. When I heard what sounded like machine guns, and then sirens, I thought that Iraq had come to bomb Danvers. Of course, that sound turned out to be all the blown out windows of the neighboring buildings. The sinking feeling in my heart and what to do with my son who was asleep, is something I had a hard time getting over. I can't imagine how the people in Iraq can live their lives with that impending disaster day after day. My heart goes out to them and I pray for peace for them soon. Joanne Berry

I was in bed sleeping, with my husband Mike, He called the Peabody Police and they said it was an explosion in Danvers. We woke up thinking a plane crash. Then called my daughter in law in Danvers to make sure they were ok. She answered the phone crying and saying there was fire and firetrucks all around. They were ok but very frightened. Terry Annese

I was sleeping in my bed at my home address Lynn St. Peabody just a few miles away when I heard the big noise in the distance. It woke me up around 3:00 am from a deep sleep. I thought it was an airplanes jet engine back firing go by my home or a real bad smash up mutiple car accident at route 128/95 north. I watched the news the next morning on the tv and was very sad to hear about the explosion but was happy that no one was killed. Deb

I was in bed and asleep. I thought a sixteen-wheeler had slammed into my apartment building. A. Prouty

I was asleep in my home. I thought a car had hit my house! Kate

I was driving north on Rt 128 coming home from a night job. I saw a mushroom cloud and heard what sounded like firecrackers going off, then a loud boom. I could see the resulting fire from 128 just before I went past the Endicott St. exit. This was just before 2:50 a.m. Soon after, people started calling up WBZ radio to report what they saw or heard and by 4:30 am Boston TV stations started to cover it. But I'll never forget that mushroom cloud. Bob Nelson

I was in Shanghai and saw it on the world news in China. My first thought was sabotage at the factory. Jason Quinlan

I am up at 6:00am to watch the news every morning, and it was the lead story on channels 4, 5, & 7. I immediately called my boss as he lives in Danvers to check on him and his family. I have relatives in Danvers and called them all to see how they were. Only after the first news accounts were published did I learn one of my former bosses from Lechmere, John Lantych lost his home. I hope he and his family have begun to rebuild their lives. It was very gratifying to read about residents and businesses who stepped up to help those in need. May 2008 be a good one for all who were affected by this terrible accident. Mary Parsons Sulzer

Sleeping in bed in Salem, MA, near the Salem PD. I thought we were being bombed! Anne

Asleep, in my house on Park Street. I thought either a car hit the house or our furnace had exploded, since the smoke detectors were all going off. Martin

I was home in bed just across the river and thought the gas burner had blown up in the cellar... Julie Andrews

Of course, I was sleeping and thought of my daughter who lives in Winthrop. I prayed that a plane had not come down on her house while landing at the airport in Boston. Bonnie A.

In my house. I thought a bomb went off or a plane crashed. Brian

At home in Salem we live in witcthcraft heights ,and I thought someone hit the back side of the house. Debra Gillooly

We live less than a mile up the road in Peabody near Treadwell's Ice Cream. Our house has been hit in the middle of the night by a car before and we have woken numerous times in the middle of the night by the loud sounds of car accidents in front of our house and on our front lawn. Our entire house shook. I awoke from a sound sleep and truly thought I would find a car or even an airplane in my downstairs living room, that's how loud it was. My heart was in my throat and my wife was nearly hysterical. After assessing that nothing had actually hit my house, I looked out my window and noticed flames leaping in the air and thought that maybe someone had lit a car on fire in the Bishop Fenwick parking lot. I hopped in my car to investigate and was really concerned to see what had happened as my sister and brother-in-law and my two nephews lived on Bates Ave. They never went back to their home and have since relocated to Arizona. Lucky for us only our basement windows we! re blown in. Not sure I'll ever forget the sound, the feeling, the devastation, the site of walking down Bates Ave to help my brother-in-law collect stuff from his crippled house. The closest I've ever been to a war torn zone. Brian Rich

I was in bed, the explosion moved the bed and the cat scampered away scratching me. My son was in the bathroom, my first thought and question was what the heck did he do in there! Then we went out to the living room and could see the fire in the distance. My daughter called me on the phone and said she and her friends were on line trying to figure it out. Eventually it was on the news. George Blanchette

I was in bed, and i live right across from Sam and Joe's. I thought an airplane huge bed moved, and it wouldn't stop shaking for at least a minute. AJ

At home, on Arthur St. in Danvers...My first thought was that either a plane crashed nearby, or Eastern Propane blew up. Jay Pierce

I was staring out my front door at 104 margin st. after assuring it was locked when my eldest son came home that night. I saw the blast go off. Timing is everything. Brian Sultzbach

In bed, in byfield mass I thought a tree had hit the house, you could feel the bang of the explosion. tammy warren

I was home in bed in Salem and it woke up everyone in the house. At first I had thought that maybe it was just some thunder. Jenn Julien

I was lying in bed when I heard the explosion. The initial sound I heard sounded like the rumble of a jet, so I thought that it was a jet taking off from Beverly Airport. When the explosion sounded, I thought that a plane had actually crashed. Marsha Lally

We lived next to the John George Park in the Danversport. When I woke up to the explosion, my first thought was that a car hit my house, and my second thought was that a plane crashed at Sandy Beach. We realized this wasn't the case when we ran outside and saw the fire across the river. Danielle

I live in Peabody and was sound asleep when the explosion occurred. My first thought was that Eastern Propane blew up. Margaret

My mother had died the previous day, so I was flying to Boston, then on to Danvers, MA, where my brother lives, to attend the funeral. I was sitting in SEA-TAC airport, waiting for an Alaskan Airlines flight to Boston, when CNN reported the explosion. It was quite a shock to hear the town's name that I was to travel that same day. I immediately called my brother to make sure the family was OK. I was the main topic of conversation & it made getting around much harder since Rte. 35 was closed. Janis

I was sound asleep in my bed not quite one mile from the explosion. It woke me up immediately and I first thought it was an earthquake. I lay paralyzed in fear for a while until the I heard and felt more explosions. Sue

I was at home on Longmeadow Rd in Beverly and I remember waking up and thinking the World had come to an end. I stayed awake for about 5 minutes, listened for the sound of Fire Engines to see if I wasn't just dreaming. Did not hear them and promptly went back to sleep dismissing it as a dream. Guess I was wrong! Peter Stevens

I was in bed. It shook the house. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. Through the front window I saw a mushroom cloud and a large glow in the sky. At first, my neighborhood being low, I thought the glow was coming from the direction of the house my son and nephew live in around Chandlers Ice Cream. After getting my bearings, I thought it may have been an explosion at the North Shoure Mall. I have a scanner and at first I didn't hear nay chatter, but a couple of minutes later, all you know what let loose. Truly God walked through that niehborhood at the moment of the explosion that night. Thankfully there weren't any real serious personal injuries or deaths. Though my heart went out to those who lost thier homes and or personal items they will never replace. Cyndi Ransom

My wife, the dogs and myself where all fast asleep at our home on Liberty Street when we were rocked out of bed, in a state of confusion and the first thing I thought was that it was a very loud clap of thunder. I then remembered the stars being perfectly visible in the clear sky from earlier in the night when I took the dog out. I then walked over to the front door in amazement to see the towering inferno above the roof and tree tops across the river. I thought Eastern Propane or the gas station had blown up. shane swanton

i was home, in bed and thought my heating unit blew up. p

I was sleeping and thought a car had just hit my house. Brian

I was home and couldn't sleep. I got up and was using my computer when I heard, and felt the explosion. I thought something had slammed into the side of the house. I ran and got my fiance and made him check outside. I stayed up because I was scared and waited for the 5AM news. Tracie

sleeping in Bradford, Ma. I heard the blast and sat up knowing right away it was an explosion, having worked at Ventron in the 60's and 70's where there was a couple big explosions and fires. And Borregaard Synthesis in Newburyport where there was also a couple big booms. michael g beaulieu

I was rattled awake in my bed by the blast just two miles east of my home, over the water. My first thought was that a truck had hit the building. Then as I lay awake, I thought Boston may have gotten nuked. But in my half concious mind I reasoned that the electro-magnetic pulse of a nuclear blast would have taken out my clock radio, which was still functioning ... so I went back to sleep. Brian Hall

I was in bed with my wife on Cheever st when we were startled by the sound of our house rattling and our hallway ceiling collapsing. We thought it was an earthquake. Matthew

My husband & I were sound asleep at our home in Salisbury, MA. The explosion shook our home and we both shot straight up in bed and looked at each husband asking "WHAT was THAT!?"...we thought it was the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant and waited for the alarms to sound, but nothing but silence followed. We both went back to sleep and figured, "well...if it IS the nuclear plant, it's too late now." When we saw the news the next day, we just could not beleive the explosion was so far away. I would have bet a million dollars that it was right here in Salisbury. With the magnitude of that explosion, the fact that there were no fatalities is just uncomprehendable. Christine Masiello

I can see the Gas tank near the Beverly Bridge from my bedroom window. My first thought was it went KABOOM. I knew something big exploded but the Girlfriend said it was just thunder. Jim

I live in the Goat Hill section of Beverly and my third floor bedroom window faces the Kernwood Bridge (towards Danversport). Being asleep, I first thought it was a loud thunder crack that that jolted me out of a sound sleep. I have a skylight above my bed and also saw the flash of light through my closed eyes. My house shook for a good 5-10 seconds. Being in a sleepy daze I decided to go to the bathroom and I kept thinking that someone had hit the house, but because I was half asleep I would let the downstairs neighbors deal with it (how thoughtful of me, haha). As I walked back to bed I happened to glance out my skylight and saw this orange glow and black, black smoke. I am visually impaired without glasses or contacts, so for me to be able to decipher anything but the darkness of night, I knew something was wrong. I put on my glasses and could NOT believe my eyes. This enormouse ball of fire was leaping from the sky. I sent late night text messages to all my friends in the Ryal Side area asking if they were alright because all I could think of was someone's house exploded and the poor people had no chance of getting out alive. I sat there with a heavy heart for quite sometime just watching in awe. I eventually found out (within an hour) that a chemical plant had blown up and not a house. I was very glad to hear it was not someone's home, but I can never forget the profound sadness I felt just thinking of anyone who may have been injured without any sort of warning. It is an image I will never forget and I am so happy no one was hurt or killed. I have cracks that formed in the walls of my house as a result of the blast. It is truly something I will never forget and I am all the way down the river from those most closely affected.Erin Scanlon

I was in bed sleeping when I heard the explosion. I was a drawn-out noise which I thought was a very low flying 747. Brian

I was in bed asleep in my apartment on Pickering Street. I heard a loud noise, felt the building shake and my first thought was an earthquake. Valerie Scott