, Salem, MA

April 26, 2013


The Salem News

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Police received an 11:16 p.m. report that a person in a hooded sweatshirt had looked in a window at a Nonantum Road residence. “Caller has turned on all his lights,” police wrote. “He and his wife have not seen him again since the lights were turned on.”


A Front Street woman reported at 1:24 p.m. that a piece of her vehicle was missing from the right rear wheel area.

Police received an 8:24 p.m. report from a Bassett Street woman who said she’d found a door “she never uses” in her apartment ajar when she returned home from a walk. “Nothing is missing or out of place,” police wrote. “She just wanted it on record at this time.”



Police received a 3:31 p.m. report that a woman was asking for money near 19 Howley St. An officer spoke with someone matching her description and “advised her not to ask for money,” according to the log.

An officer transported a child with a cut lip home after he was tackled during a touch football game at Welch School, according to a 5:40 p.m. report.

Police disposed of five needles found near 28 Baldwin St. at 7:23 p.m.

A 7:35 p.m. report of a suspicious vehicle brought police to 10 Stevens St., where they determined that the person inside was “reading the news before heading home.”

Police contacted the DPW after a 9:11 p.m. report that there were three dead rabbits near 390 Lowell St.


A Sprague Street man reported at 8:22 a.m. that his 1997 Jeep Cherokee had been stolen.

Police received a 10:29 a.m. report that a computer monitor had been dumped on the road near 80 Pine St.

A motorist struck a parked motorcycle in the parking lot of Walgreens at 229 Andover St., according to an 11:59 p.m. report.



Police received a 7:48 p.m. report of an accident between a vehicle and a bicycle at 20 Balch St.

A Rantoul Street man reported at 9:31 p.m. that he couldn’t find his air mattress.

Police conducted a traffic stop at Elliott and Park streets at 11:04 p.m. and determined that there were 22 air fresheners inside the vehicle, which was registered in New Hampshire. The vehicle’s occupants were “evasive when questioned about what they were doing in Beverly,” police wrote.



An 11:32 a.m. report of an intoxicated woman in the roadway brought police to Burrill Street and Thomas Road, where they determined that she was “texting and walking.”



A woman and her two children were transported to Salem Hospital with “pain and soreness” after an accident at Congress and Palmer streets that an officer said was caused when a man ran a stop sign. The man was cited.

Police received a 7:58 p.m. report that somebody had left a “large pile of dog or human feces” in the driveway at 32 Essex St. the past two mornings. A man there said “he had some personal issues at work and he thinks it could be related,” police wrote.


A 12:02 a.m. report of a domestic dispute brought police to 10 Tremont St., where they determined that the disturbance began when a father took away his daughter’s phone privileges.

A loud bang was reported in the area of 242 Bridge St. at 12:33 a.m., but police were unable to locate anything suspicious in the area.

Police responded to a 4:44 a.m. report that a man was causing a disturbance at 104 Lafayette St. and arrested Corey Rosa, 25, of 44 Prince St., Salem, on charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct and illegal possession of a Class B substance.



At 7:08 p.m., an officer at 40 High St. arrested Jerome Satterfield, 74, of 152 Endicott St., Danvers, on a charge of violating an abuse prevention order.


Police received a 2:58 p.m. report that a car at 23 Prince St. had been keyed.