, Salem, MA

May 11, 2013

What ‘shocked’ local fans have to say about Angie...

By Alan Burke
Staff writer

---- — “I was shocked. I thought it was going to come down to Angie and Candice. I thought Kree was going to have to go home. My kids were sad. They had been so excited. ... They watched to see if they could see themselves in the video of (Angie’s downtown Beverly) parade last Saturday. .... (On Kree’s sad personal story) It was the pity vote that kept her in.”

Nicole McAlpine


“We’re sorry to see Angie lose, that’s for sure. I followed her progress. I didn’t see the last night, but I heard it was emotion-filled.”

Eric Bloom


“We watched the whole season. We’re not fans, but it was quite wonderful that this was the hometown girl, someone we had seen on the stage at Beverly High. Our son goes there. ... The whole of Beverly was so wild and crazy. ... And all because of a 19-year-old high school graduate. It was a wonderful thing to see. ... We were surprised (at the end) because she was very good and probably superior. I thought she deserved to continue. But, you know, the others had the votes. ... Angie will go far.”

Karen Shorr


“I was shocked at the result. ... I noticed that the judges all seemed bewildered by it. They kept turning to look at each other and they didn’t seem happy. That’s how we all felt. ... But overall it was just a good thing from start to finish.”

Bill Shorr


“I think she was good. I loved her so much, it was sad to see her leaving. I thought she was going to go to the final with Candice. We were so excited hearing her sing. ... When she was back here, I saw her car pass by. It was so exciting to see her. But now we’re watching for Candice.”

Winsie Boileau


“One of my co-workers came here crying ... because she was hoping that Angie would go all the way to the final. ... But I do agree with people that Angie is young. She will always have the opportunity to try for success again. The gate is not closed to her.”

Yola Bosek


“It’s hard for me to be objective. I would be rooting for the hometown girl. The parade (in Beverly last Saturday) was amazing. ... I recorded the show but I haven’t watched yet. ... I will watch it. I want to see for myself if everybody’s been right about this, if it’s true that Angie should have won.”

Melissa Drumm