, Salem, MA

May 18, 2013

Police logs

The Salem News

---- — Marblehead


Police received a 11:26 a.m. report that a heavyset younger male was sleeping behind the grandstand on Wyman Road.

An officer responded to Smith Street after a 3 p.m. report that a large group of youths were standing in front of the post office and “preventing people from getting in and out of the business.”

A woman contacted police at 3:20 p.m. to talk to an officer about an apartment on Washington Street she found on Craigslist. The woman said she was about to wire a check to somebody in Millville, N.J., to rent to the apartment. “I ... told her there are warnings all over the Craigslist not to wire money and not to rent an apartment sight unseen,” wrote an officer.

Police received a 3:29 p.m. report that an elderly man in khakis and a red shirt was “just sitting on his lawn” on Longview Drive. His wife picked him up later, according to the log.

An 8:25 p.m. report of an argument brought police to Lindsey Street. An officer wrote later: “More of a loud discussion than an argument.”



A Grant Road woman reported at 9:07 a.m. that a vehicle had been parked in front of her house for a week.

Police received a 12:14 p.m. report of a shoplifter at The Paper Store on Paradise Road and subsequently arrested Courtney Brewer, 23, of 59 Wyman St., Lynn, on a charge of shoplifting over $100.

A 5:21 p.m. report that customers were arguing in front of the business brought police to the Red Rock Bistro on Humphrey Street, but nobody suspicious was located in the area.

Police received a 6:36 p.m. report that the “20th car tonight” was blocking a woman’s garage door on Cherry Street.


A vehicle parked near 222 Humphrey St. had its passenger window smashed, according to a 2:14 a.m. report.



The Fire Department extinguished a mulch fire at 3 Ledgewood Way, according to a 2:49 p.m. log item. Firefighters also handled a mulch fire at 59 Newbury St. around 3:08 p.m.

Police received a 3:47 p.m. report that $1,400 in women’s underwear had been stolen from Victoria’s Secret at the Northshore Mall the night before.

A small mulch fire at 3 Technology Drive was extinguished by the Fire Department, according to a 7:03 p.m. log item.

An 8:42 p.m. report of a female and a baby screaming brought police to an address on Cherwick Road, where they determined a mother was trying to put her daughter to bed.


Police received a 7:24 a.m. report from the Veterans Memorial High School that a teacher believed “she saw someone in a car point a gun at another car.”



A 1:33 p.m. report of a domestic dispute at Longview Drive and Longview Terrace resulted in the arrest of Andrew D. Convincer, 19, of 181 Hale St., Beverly, on a charge of domestic assault and battery.

Police received a 6:38 p.m. report that teens were playing with matches at Lothrop and Dane streets, but an officer didn’t report finding anything suspicious.

Three seventh-grade students at the St. John’s school went on a ride-along with an officer from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., according to the log.

A local Girl Scout troop took a tour of the police station at about 7 p.m., according to a log item.

Police and the Fire Department responded to a 7:22 p.m. report of a fire in the condominium complex at 54 Oak St. and determined that a 20-foot long trash bin had caught fire, said a firefighter. Emergency personnel encountered 15-foot flames and there was minor extension to a nearby garage, but no residences were damaged and there were no injuries. The Fire Department declined to speculate on the cause of the fire but said it appeared accidental.

A 10:22 p.m. report of an argument at 25 Cox Court resulted in the arrest of Michael Cantone, 51, of 136 Bradford St., Everett, on a charge of domestic assault and battery.


A Blaine Avenue woman reported at 9:47 a.m. that an envelope she had with $800 in it now contained only $600. “Coincidentally, the property manager arrived at the same time as I did to collect $800 in rent money,” wrote an officer. “Mystery unresolved.”

Police responded to Dodge and Enon streets after a 10 a.m. report that a man had punched a woman in the face during a road rage incident, but an officer was unable to locate either party.

Somebody had dumped old wooden shutters into a private Dumpster at 108 Bridge St., according to a 12:33 p.m. report.



At 5:10 p.m., officers stopped a man at 19 Traders Way for riding a scooter without a helmet. Subsequently arrested was Nicolas Perez, 36, of 31 Warren St., Lynn, on charges of operating with a revoked license, illegal possession of a class A substance and defective equipment.

An officer was waved down in the area of Margin and Gedney streets at 7:32 p.m. by a man who was having a dispute with another man about a cellphone. Police determined the second man had a 10-inch carving knife in his waistband, according to the log. Wilfredo Ferrer, 52, of 1 Harbor St., Salem, was arrested on a charge of violating the city’s knife ordinance.

Police responded to 16 Hodges Court at 10:12 p.m. for a report of an intoxicated man and found him sleeping in a bush in front of the residence. He was taken into protective custody.


A 1:01 a.m. report of suspicious activity brought police to 62 Jefferson Ave., where they determined a man was working on his truck’s brakes. Police advised him to do the work “during more conventional hours.”

Police received a 4:21 a.m. report that a man was passed out on a bike at Shore and Clifton avenues, but they didn’t report finding anything suspicious after responding to the area.

A woman reported at 9:19 a.m. that she and her boyfriend had been drinking the night before when she told him to put her shoes and purse into her vehicle at 190 Bridge St. — she later realized he’d put them in someone else’s car. An officer advised her to wait for the other vehicle’s owner and left a card requesting the other owner call police in case the woman had left.

A tractor trailer truck struck a light pole at the corner of Loring Avenue and Lafayette Street, according to a 10:36 a.m. report.

Police responded to a 1:34 p.m. report of shoplifters at the Target on Highland Avenue and arrested two juvenile females, each on a charge of larceny over $250.



Police received a 9:16 p.m. report of possible drug activity at the CVS at 1 Maple St., but an officer was unable to locate anything suspicious.

Youths were smoking near 7 Lummus Ave., according to an 11:44 p.m. report.


Police fielded a 9:51 a.m. report of an “arm injury” after a “cat attack” at 16 Trinity St.