, Salem, MA

March 3, 2014

Loud party leads to citations

By Alan Burke
Staff Writer

---- — SALEM — You can hide from the Salem Police, but you can’t run.

Officers responded early yesterday morning to a report of a loud party on West Avenue. But when they reached the scene, they heard a voice calling, “The cops are here,” and urging everyone inside the second floor apartment to “Shut up.” Police knocked loudly, announced themselves and urged the occupants to open up. But there was no response, police said.

By the time more police arrived, patrolmen Ryan David and Dennis Luti, they realized some people were escaping via a rear stairway.

“As this officer (Edward Pierce) and officer (Ryan) Arundel made our way up the rear stairway, the second-floor door closed and was locked from the inside,” according to the log. Again, no one would answer the calls to open the door.

Police next checked their records to learn they had responded twice before for noise complaints at this address. They learned the name of the resident they’d spoken with, William Cuozzo, the log said. Some of the 25 fleeing guests also provided the name of Andrew Bucci. The mailbox gave two more names, Adam McElroy and Keaton Cashin. All four will be cited for violating the city ordinance regarding loud music, police said.

“Salem State University was also contacted, and all four residents ... were confirmed to be students,” according to the log.