, Salem, MA

November 9, 2012

Patton fields will be rededicated

By Bethany Bray STAFF WRITER
The Salem News

---- — HAMILTON — When Maj. Gen. George S. Patton retired in 1980, he started a working farm next to his family homestead on Asbury Street.

He named his fields after soldiers who had lost their lives in service with him in Vietnam.

Tomorrow, a ceremony will honor those soldiers, two of whom received the Medal of Honor, and rededicate the fields with new bronze plaques. A large sign will be installed next to the Green Meadows Farm retail store, which tells the story of the men Patton never forgot.

The public is invited to the rededication, which begins at 10 a.m. at Green Meadows Farm, 656 Asbury St.

Seven fields at Green Meadows are named in honor of soldiers, while an eighth is named Operation Troop Support. Patton’s widow, Joanne, named the eighth field “in honor of all military serving in harm’s way.”

“The Green Meadows Farm family wants to show our support and gratitude for services rendered to our country as we near Veterans Day, “ Joanne Patton said in a press release from the farm. “My husband was proud of his troops, and I know he would be proud of this day.”

Maj. Gen. George Patton was the son of the noted World War II general of the same name.

The younger Patton, who died in 2004, served in Korea and Vietnam and was twice awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.