, Salem, MA

December 14, 2013

Police: Pothole, mechanical failure behind Salem crashes

By Neil H. Dempsey
Staff Writer

---- — SALEM — Police responded to multiple reports of accidents in the city yesterday — with motorists blaming everything from potholes to mechanical failure.

The first accident occurred shortly after 8 a.m., as a motorist attempted to move his parked commercial vehicle on Dow Street and struck the one ahead of him, according to the incident log.

“Operator stated while attempting to move the vehicle there was a mechanical failure in the transmission not engaging gear properly,” police wrote.

There were no injuries, and only scratches on either vehicle. The commercial vehicle was towed due to its mechanical issues.

Another parking mishap was reported at 10:22 a.m. Police responded to 45 Congress St., where multiple witnesses said a minivan had just struck a parked car while exiting its parking space, causing minor damage to its front bumper.

“The witnesses related making contact [with] the female operator of the suspect vehicle as she exited the van to inspect its damage,” wrote police. “The van then left the area in an unknown direction.”

Then, about 11:30 a.m., police responded to Highland Avenue after a report of an accident in between Cherry Hill Avenue and Salem Hospital. One motorist said he’d been driving south on the road when he noticed a vehicle in front of him “straddling the two lanes.”

The man beeped his horn, then tried to pass on the right when the vehicle went into the left lane, at which point the two vehicles made contact. He pulled over, but the other vehicle kept going. He eventually caught up to it “and he yelled to pull over into the CVS parking lot.”

The other driver complied, but told police she didn’t think there had been any contact between the vehicles. Police found minor damage on both vehicles.

Another minor accident occurred about 2 p.m. at Canal and Meadow streets, where a motorist told police he’d hit a pothole and then swerved into a telephone pole. He was not injured, and the accident did minor damage to the pole.

The vehicle sustained front-end damage and was later towed.