, Salem, MA

December 24, 2013

Victoria's Secret reports another large theft

By Neil H. Dempsey
Staff Writer

---- — PEABODY — Barely three months after police nabbed a Lawrence woman in connection to a string of large thefts from Victoria’s Secret at Northshore Mall, somebody stole more than $2,600 in bras from the store Sunday.

An employee reported to police shortly before midnight that 49 bras with a total value of $2,663.50 had been stolen “sometime today,” according to the incident log.

The store has been struck again and again this year — at least 10 times since April — by thieves who make off with thousands of dollars worth of bras, underwear or other merchandise. In May, $1,400 in underwear was stolen as the store closed for the evening; in June, $3,000 in merchandise was stolen by a female suspect who then eluded mall security.

During a theft reported in August, somebody stole 72 bras worth $52 each, for a total of haul of $3,744 — possibly the highest dollar amount stolen all year.

On Sept. 13, police arrested Jennifer Santos, 28, in connection with multiple thefts at Victoria’s Secret and other stores in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Police said she had stolen as much as $100,000 in merchandise.