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January 2, 2014

Little Neck trash debate continues

By Jonathan Phelps
Staff writer

---- — IPSWICH — Town officials will give the Little Neck condominium association until the end of February before ending its trash pickup.

The extension comes after selectmen voted last month to adopt a new residential and commercial solid waste and recycling policy. Without the extension, the new policy would have effectively ended town-run trash pickup on Little Neck as of Jan. 1.

Town Manager Robin Crosbie said the town will continue to pick up recycling from the property, which is considered private property. The town does not plow or maintain the streets on Little Neck, she said.

“We are not paying to pick up their trash,” Crosbie said. “They are now considered a condo association.”

Mark DiSalvo, a member of the Little Neck trustees, has previously said he believes the property should be grandfathered in. No decisions have been made on how the association will move forward with the issue, he said.

“I reached out to the town to have a discussion with the town manager,” DiSalvo said. They hope to schedule such a meeting early this month.

DiSalvo would not say what the association is hoping to get out of the meeting.

“We’ll see what happens,” he said.

Crosbie said the property is no longer grandfathered after the board voted to change the policy on Dec. 2.

There are many options for the association to consider, such as having residents purchase pay-as-you-throw bags from the town.

“It is not like trash is piling up,” Crosbie said. “They have options.”

Until last year, Little Neck, a 35-acre peninsula at the end of Little Neck Road, was owned by a land trust created in 1660 to generate money for Ipswich schools. Tenants owned their cottages but paid rent for the land the houses sit on.

Following years of controversy, the former trustees, known as the Feoffees, sold the land to Little Neck residents for $31.4 million in August 2012.

At the entrance to the peninsula, there is a sign that reads: “Private Property. Little Neck residents only.” The sign went up over the summer.

Crosbie said the town does not pick up trash at Ipswich Country Club or Turner Hill, which are also private communities.

Under the new trash policy, the town will pick up on streets that have been continuously open to public use or travel for six or more years.

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