, Salem, MA

January 3, 2014


The Salem News

---- — Marblehead


A 25-year-old man was arrested on a warrant after a Cowell Street woman reported at 8:14 a.m. that her upstairs neighbors were yelling and “she can hear the female yelling for the male to get off of her.”

Police received a 10:45 a.m. 911 call during which somebody was heard yelling, “Get out, get out,” but later determined it was “kids playing with the phone.”

A 20-month-old boy was transported to a hospital from a Pleasant Street address after an 11:32 a.m. report that he’d fallen and “split his head open.”

A Beacon Street woman reported at 10:23 p.m. that somebody in a silver SUV had thrown approximately six eggs at her house. “This was the second time tonight and ... this was the second incident within the last few weeks,” police wrote. They were unable to locate the vehicle.



Somebody who fell outside the post office on Elmwood Road refused medical treatment, according to a 1:16 a.m. log item.

A 2-month-old child was transported to North Shore Children’s Hospital from a Walker Road address after a 2:03 p.m. report that someone had given the child “too much pain reliever.”

A 2:48 p.m. report of shoplifting at the Marshalls on Paradise Road resulted in the arrest of Donna Tournas-Blaney, 56, of 44 Story Ave., Lynn, on a charge of shoplifting over $100 by concealing merchandise.


A 51-year-old woman was transported to Salem Hospital after a 1:58 a.m. report that she’d fallen out of bed at an Atlantic Avenue address and gashed her forehead.

Police received a 3:12 p.m. report that somebody at 79 Stetson Ave. was “burning materials” in a backyard.



A man was transported to Lahey hospital after a 2:13 p.m. report from a Central Street woman that “there is an intoxicated male causing damage to her residence.”

A woman reported at 5 p.m. that somebody had broken into her vehicle and stolen a “Christmas bag containing assorted presents” while she dined at the Outback Steakhouse at 300 Andover St.

A man at 101 Lake St. was transported to Salem Hospital after a 6:39 p.m. report that he might have been having a heart attack. “The officer arrived and stated that the male was having an asthma attack and not a heart attack,” wrote police.

An 8:12 p.m. report that fire alarms were sounding and there was smoke in a laundry room brought police and the Fire Department to the Homewood Suites hotel at 57 Newbury St. “The Fire Department stated that there was a faulty dryer,” police wrote later.


A woman was transported to Salem Hospital from a Brown Street address after a 7:02 a.m. report that she had fallen two days before and had since developed “increased head injury symptoms.”



Police responded to 26 Williams St. after a 4:04 p.m. complaint about a brush fire and spoke to a woman who said somebody had lit her trash barrel on fire. “The brush in her barrel was slightly charred,” wrote police. “She was advised to keep her barrels near the house and not down the end of the street. No damage to property or injury to any persons.”

A woman reported at 7:32 p.m. that she believed her ex-boyfriend had left items in her vehicle to harass her while she was at work at a business on Atlantic Avenue in Marblehead. “She reports that while cleaning her car, she found a box of condoms, one opened with wrapper still present, and a receipt under her passenger-side floor mat,” wrote police. “She states she is not sure how long the items have been there, as she cannot point to the exact date where she last cleaned the interior of her car.”


Police responded to 294 Essex St. after a 12:34 p.m. report that a dog was choking. “Dog stopped choking prior to police arrival,” police wrote later.



Police responded to 214 Rantoul St. after a woman reported at 7:16 a.m. that her boyfriend wouldn’t leave her alone. Police wrote later: “No basis, boyfriend was sleeping in the basement.”

A 9:16 p.m. report that a motorcycle cover had been stolen brought police to 37 Mason St., where they determined a family member had moved it.


Police conducted a traffic stop at Park Street and Railroad Avenue about 1:30 a.m. and subsequently arrested Christopher L. Schoch, 28, of 127 Hampton Circle, Hull, on charges of possession of a class E drug, failure to use care and having no inspection sticker. He was also wanted on a warrant, according to the log.

Police received a 9:42 a.m. report that a man on Edwards Street was “yelling/screaming at daughter.”