, Salem, MA

January 7, 2014

Tree warden arrested on obscenity, obstruction charges

By Neil H. Dempsey
Staff Writer

---- — WENHAM — Police say the town’s tree warden was recently arrested after he sent a sexually explicit photograph of a woman to her boyfriend.

Winslow Mulry, 45, of 39 Porter St., Wenham, has been charged with distribution of obscene matter, photographing an unsuspecting nude person and obstruction of justice. He was arraigned on Dec. 24 at Ipswich District Court and is expected to return there on Jan. 30 for a pretrial hearing, said district attorney spokeswoman Carrie Kimball Monahan.

Mulry declined to comment for this article.

Police first learned about the incident on Dec. 20, when a woman and her boyfriend went to the station to report that the latter had begun receiving “provoking” texts from Mulry on Dec. 16, according to a Wenham police report written by officer Shane Kavanagh.

The man said Mulry had told him that he’d received calls and texts from his girlfriend, and that Mulry wanted to “talk to him about her behavior,” police wrote.

Later on Dec. 16, police say Mulry sent the man a picture of purple women’s underwear with an accompanying text: “Maybe you recognize those. She left them the second night she dropped bu [sic]. Denial is an interesting thing also. You hang in there. Thanks for your help.”

The next day, Mulry again allegedly texted the boyfriend: “I want this to be as quick and painless as possible. She didn’t stop so I’m ending it. No response from you is necessary and you won’t get one from me.” Following the text, Mulry forwarded a photograph of the woman engaged in a sexual act.

Mulry’s last text to the man read: “Try to keep your antics with her to a minimum,” police wrote.

The woman told police she had been unaware that Mulry had taken the explicit shot of her, but that she’d previously caught him secretly photographing her.

“She made reference to a time when she was in her underwear and was doing laundry,” wrote police. “She turned around to catch Winslow taking a photo of her without her consent. She stated Winslow had made reference to having several photographs of her that he has taken.”

The woman said she was “horrified” at what Mulry had done and was visibly shaken, police wrote. She had been granted an emergency abuse prevention order earlier in the day.

Police arrested Mulry on Dec. 21 and then seized a computer, printer, modem, flat-screen television, two keyboards and a mouse during a search of his residence.

One thing police looked for but couldn’t find was Mulry’s cellphone, which he claimed to have dropped off at the Apple store at Northshore Mall. However, a store manager contradicted that story and was unable to find the phone, according to the report.

“I returned to Winslow and asked him why he said he dropped it off there,” wrote Kavanagh. “He stated, ‘I don’t know what to tell you.’”

Kavanagh advised Mulry that he was interfering with an investigation, something he could be charged for, and then asked him why he “lied about the location of his phone.”

“He stated, ‘I did a lot of things today. I thought I dropped it off there,’” police wrote.

Mulry’s bail was set at $7,500, and he was given a “bail warning,” meaning he could be held for up to 60 days should he get into trouble or fail to appear for scheduled court dates, Monahan said.